Georgia-Florida in JAX

We left straight from work on Friday evening to head down to the GA-FL game.
We got checked into our hotel and had a relaxing Saturday morning before tailgating.
We were unsure about what the weather (aka Sandy) was going to do, but it actually wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.
We had no rain and it wasn't too cold, just very windy and overcast.
I packed 3 or 4 different game day outfits just in case. You never know!
 We set up a little tailgate.
Brandon's parents made their yummy barbecue and Brunswick stew.
 My wonderful in-laws!
 Going into the stadium-it was crazy!
We were praying this game wasn't going to be a disaster for us.
The four of us!
The band came out strong and the Dawg Nation was loud and fired up!
Georgia was the "home" team this year.
Here come the Dawgs!
Here come the Gators!
And the pushing, shoving, banter, and taunting has already begun!
By the 4th quarter the skies were clearing and the colors of the sunset were spectacular.
The last play...
Georgia wins!!! 17-9!!! It's a miracle!!
Our defense was outstanding and our offense was pathetic, but they made it happen!
The players immediately began running and jumping up into the student section.
All smiles here!
What an awesome game! We stood up nearly the entire time and there was much jumping and screaming-but in delight and frustration throughout the game.
We beat the #2 team in the country!
Traffic was horendous after the game, but it was worth it!
We'll see you again next year!


  1. That sounds like so much fun! Glad ya'll had a great time!

    XO Lori

  2. I love both Florida & Geogia! So I knew that either way I would love the outcome however I was routing for GA first & foremost go dawgs. I am so happy that they won :) I am glad you & Brandon had a fun trip & enjoyed it. & random question girlie what in the world is brunswick stew?

  3. Wasn't that an awesome game! Looks like y'all had a great time. By the way, I am officially craving bbq and hash now. Gotta head back to Georgia soon to get the good stuff!

  4. I was waiting for you to do this post! Jacksonville is my hometown and as a Florida State alumni, we both share a hatred..I mean BOND...over disliking the Gators :) I was oh so happy to see UF go down! I'm so glad you enjoyed Jacksonville - it makes my heart happy to see pictures of it, since my husband and I have been stationed outside of FL for 3 years now :( Hoping to get back there one day!


  5. I stopped counting the flags during that game. Every other call! it was some game!

  6. I am glad the Gators went down! I only wish we (FSU!!) would have been the ones to do it! : )
    Looks like you had a great time! I really enjoy your blog!


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