Fall Decor: Want Your Input

I've had our home decorated for fall for a few weeks now, but I keep changing things around and updating.
Isn't that what creative types do?
I'm also linking up with Kelly's Korner: Show Us Your Halloween Costumes.
We don't have kids yet and we've only dressed up a few times, so I really don't have any costumes to share, but I thought I'd share some home decorating ideas.
If you are looking for costume ideas, please visit Kelly's blog because there are some great ideas on there!
With each passing year I find myself simplifying holiday decor more and more.
I prefer neutral colors and tones and a more soothing and gentle look over all and less "let's party".
Maybe it's because we've moved so much over the past several years (had our belongings strewed between houses, storage units and family member's homes) and I'm just over all the excess, the clutter, and the junky look.
By the way, I highly recommend moving.
The third time is the charm.
By that move you'll be so fed up with it all that you'll find it easy to cut sentimental strings and find renewal and cleansing in the purging of "stuff."
The only thing you'll regret is the space and gas you wasted moving it all around before you finally got the nerve up to let go of it.
So, one thing I do believe in in excess is monograms, of course!
For autumn, I love novelty pumpkins.
I am easily bored by the run of the mill orange pumpkins-sorry fellas!
Burlap and I are getting along great these days!
It's sort of the icing on the cake to my mailbox.
We are in such an extreme drought here in Middle Georgia and we prayed these ominous clouds would bring us some much needed relief, but it wasn't so.
Please excuse the Christmas trees that need to be pruned!
I'm trying to wait a little longer so that I can use the trimmings for Christmas decor.
Y'all, my front door is driving me nuts.
I'm trying to hard to ignore it because I'm so thankful we have our own house, but I need to get this off of my chest: I do not love it! I just don't care for leaded glass. But, at least it's fiberglass.
I have the door and sidelights I want picked out, but the price tag is totally out of the question for a long time.
In a perfect world I would try to sell this door and sidelights to contribute to the cost of the new.
So, what should I do?
Should I just paint it and deal with it...and what color?
I keep changing my mind...black, dark wood stain, help!
I think I'd like to paint the sidelights the same color as the trim if I do paint.
And, if I paint it will it ruin any future hope of selling it?
I sound desperate, don't I? I sort of am.
I love the idea of pumpkin topiaries.
White pumpkins are the reason I enjoy Fall. Well, white pumpkins and the weather.
This is one of my favorite spots right now.
My mama had this lantern in her store, Mountain Soul, for sale.
I saw it and had a fit over it.
Holding true to her "most generous person in the world" status, she immediately started loading it up in the car for me.
I knew I had the perfect place for it and I'm in love. We are in love.
We were meant to be together.
Rocking chairs, monograms, ferns, a palm tree, and a lantern...all we need is an ocean view!
I hope y'all are still considering my front door predicament...don't forget!
We are still working on our dining room.
My papa's surgery has seriously delayed the completion of the trim and paint, but his health is the most important thing right now.
It'll get finished when it gets finished.
White pumpkins, fresh magnolia leaves and candles are simply enough for me.
Here is a sneak peek of our new dining room chandelier!
My mama gave it to us as a "closing" gift on our closing day and I'm in love with it, too!

Oh, I did I mention about the front door interior sides...what an eyesore!
I keep going back to my lantern...
My mama also loaded up these humongous ferns and sent them home with me.
While they love the mountain summers, they like Middle and South Georgia autumns.
The question is whether or not I can keep them alive through the winter, because I will seriously cry if they don't make it!
I do love the blue daytime skies and the glow in the sunsets that autumn lends us.

I am really drawn to this picture. It feels like home.

We live in an equestrian community, so the hay cutting has been in full swing over the past month.
It's just the country girl in me to feel the need to photograph hay and cotton and other crops and agricultural endeavors.
Twin Oaks Farm is a darling little place just outside of our neighborhood that has U-pick strawberries in the spring and pumpkins in the fall.
I thought the way they lined the sidewalks with the pumpkins in the hedges was really cute.
This is what autumn looks like in our neck of the woods!
What's it like in yours?


  1. Wow your home is gorgeous!!! Love the simple fall touches and I love your dining room. I also like the front door :)

  2. You have the cutest house! I am ready to move in now. I am in love with your mail box too! Is it weird to be in love with a mailbox?

  3. Love your decorations! The little white pumpkins and magnolia leaves are so cute! I see a sleeping kitty in the dining room pictures! What a beautiful area you live in! It's so flat, compared to the mountains of East TN where I am. But what a gorgeous Fall we are having in the South this year!

  4. Can you show us some more up close pics of the front door?

    I love that pic at the end of the sunlight and the mailbox too!

    Love your orange scarf!

    And, thanks for the sweet email you sent me regarding our loss. You are so right! I am trying to focus on eating/being healthy in general and thank the Lord, I have been blessed with an optimistic outlook! Praying for y'all as well! xo

  5. LOVE THE DECORATIONS! The mailbox is adorable, great job with it all!

  6. my vote is a dark wood stain for the door.It will still look natural and make it easy to sell if that is your choice. I absolutely love the pumpkins. My son and I did some cheeky decorations that were handmade. I adore fall!!!!

  7. and totally off subject but what kind of makeup do you use? it always looks fabulous!

  8. Love, love, love your decorations! And, what Southern girl is worth her salt w/o monograms?? I think black doors, interior and exterior, are the only way to go, but that's just me. I appreciate your sweet, Christian spirit, AND your energy....so like my daughters! Keep up the good work.


  9. I agree with the comment above mine - dark would might be a great choice for the door! You have those dark wood planks near the peak of the roof (above the window to the right of the front porch) and I think if you tried to match that dark wood stain, it might really ties all the dark woods together on the front of the house! Then add a beautiful & colorful wreath to the front door and that's your pop of color! It might even help reduce your eyes going straight to the leaded glass of the door! :)

    Can't wait to see what you do!


  10. I'm looking for furniture for my front porch and I love your rockers! Where did you get them?

  11. I love your fall decorations, and the monogrammed rocking chairs! And I have to know, where did you get your dining room table, I love it!!

  12. Thank you all SO SO much for your sweet words and your input!! I'm leaning toward a very dark wood stain for the front door...we shall see! I had some questions that I tried to answer through email, but most had a "no-reply", so it wasn't possible. Our rocking chairs were from Lowe's and were $99 each-try to get a 10% off coupon if you can! They were super easy to put together. They also come in white! Our dining room table is from World Market! Thank you all, again! Your comments make my day and I love y'all to pieces!! xoxo

  13. Cute blog and home. You remind me of a mix between the lady from semi-homemade and Martha Stewart. In a good way-not the criminal way. ;-) Btw....I am very bold and thought a red door would pop with all of the neutrals. I also go with browns golds khakis and darker oranges. I have thrown red accents in my home to brighten it up. I hope you get what you're looking for in a front door! Happy Fall!

  14. Enjoyed reading your blog, Cherish! You have a beautiful home and you have a gift for design.

  15. Why don't you try white first, or light cream? White will pop, you can never go wrong, and it has the biggest re-sell value.

  16. I think a rich dark stain would be beautiful on the door! What a beautiful home!

  17. I'd paint the door black...it would look ''chic'' and plus black is in fashin for home decor right now!!

  18. Do you have any idea where your Mom got the lantern and stand? Love IT!!!

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