Daniel Island + Mama's Birthday

On our way home from Charleston we shopped in Mt. Pleasant at TJ Maxx and Marshall's, then we made our way over to Daniel Island to eat.
The weather was nasty and rainy by the afternoon and we had a difficult time finding somewhere to eat.
One last view out of our hotel.
Crossing the Cooper River Bridge.
Yeah, I took the picture while I was driving.
Write me ticket.
We ate at Queen Anne's Revenge on Daniel Island.
Calamari appetizer and pimiento mac & cheese on the side
Their shrimp and grits needs some improvement...
fried oyster salad
Mom reading her card/gift from Tiffany.
Birthday dessert again!
The works of the Jose Eber wand!
This was actually the week of my mama's birthday back in mid-August.
She came down to our house and we spent the day at the pool discussing decorating, of course.
Then we took her to eat at Mirko Pasta.
Birthday Tiramisu!
This was the best I could get of Brandon...
Happy 50th Birthday to my Mama!!
I hope it was wonderful and special-we sure tried to make it that way!
We love you and we are thankful to have you as our Mama.
You are the most selfless person I've ever known. You inspire me.
You give without hesitation and you love unconditionally.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mamma. She looks so young. I hope I look like that when I turn 50. Love the photos! Glad you all had a great trip. Oh & random question isnt calamari squid? If so how do you eat that lol...


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