Dahlonega: A Gold Rush Town

I shared some pictures of my old homeplace and where I went to school, so now I want to show you how beautiful the historic downtown is!
It is one of the cleanest little towns I've been to and there is so much charm!
Dahlonega was established in 1833 and was named after the Cherokee word Talonega, which means "golden."
Us locals call ourselves "Nuggets" or "Lumpkin Bumpkins."
The Cherokee and Creek Indians inhabited the land before the Europeans came and many people today are of Native American descent, including yours truly!
Yep, believe it or not I am of Cherokee descent!
This is the historic downtown courthouse built in 1836, which is now the Gold Museum.
Dahlonega was the site of the first major US Gold Rush back in 1828.
From there, miners went to California in 1849.
Every 3rd weekend in October Dahlonega hosts the annual Gold Rush festival to which over 200,000 people come to every year!
You may wonder if and why I actually know all of these facts about my hometown.
First of all, when I was in grade school we used to take walking field trips downtown to the Gold Museum, to the Old Jail, to the businesses, to pan for gold and learn about the history of our town-I loved that!
I also excelled in Georgia History in school. It was by far my favorite subject  of any throughout school. I think my grade in that class was like 112. Seriously.
I also participated in the annual Miss Gold Rush pageant and won several years.
I felt like I needed to be a knowledgeable representative of our town, so I made sure I had my historical facts and dates down pat.
The General Store is probably the most popular store on the square.
There's no telling what type of trinket or treasure you might find in there.
(See my reflection lol?)
One of my favorite shops is High Cotton.
They sell John Wind and Magnolia Lane products.
There are  several cafes and restaurants around the square.
The Back Porch is a favorite seafood restaurant.
My sister had her rehearsal dinner for her wedding here.
Everyone has their own fall decorations out making each business unique.
This is the Bourbon Street Cafe, which clearly has a New Orleans flare to it.
The Crimson Moon is a popular cafe that local musicians play at regularly.
The infamous Fudge Factory is a pillar in our little town.
They always give out the best treats on Halloween.
Speaking of, the town hosts trick-or-treating on the square every year for Halloween.
It's a great family friendly environment where the business give out treats and candy.
Piazza and Porter House are two more restaurants in downtown.
Dahlonega is the county seat of Lumpkin County.
Our welcome and visitors center.
Dahlonega is also located in the heart of Georgia's Wine Country with 5 wineries located in the county.
Dahlonega is also home to North Georgia College and State University, which is where I attended college prior to attending the University of Georgia.
Price Memorial is the most recognized building on campus with its gold dome made from Dahlonega gold.
Another fun fact is that the gold dome on our state capitol building in Atlanta is made from Dahlonega gold as well.
Beautiful views of the Blue Ridge section of the Appalachian mountains.
By the way, the Appalachian Trail begins in Lumpkin County.
The drill field on campus.
So, there is a glimpse of my beautiful hometown.
I know so many people that say they want to move there, and while I can completely understand why I selfishly don't want it to grow any bigger!
There are already so many transplants that have moved in over the past 10 years anyways and the traffic is getting horrible, especially in the fall, lol!
We call them leaf-lookers!
Seriously, it is a wonderful place to visit and get away, and it's a wonderful place to live.


  1. I recently stubbled across your blog. Love it! Nice to know I'm not the only one who appreciates history and a small town :)Loved the tour of your hometown!

  2. I go to Gold Rush every year and I absolutely love it there! Nick's little brother is doing the Cadet Core there and we LOVE visiting. I about died when he told us the people there were called "nuggets". I'm an official leaf loooker! :)

  3. Perfect way to capture our beautiful home town Cherish!


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