Cumberland Island: Part 1

We made plans a while back to take a trip out to Cumberland Island the day after the GA-FL game to go camping.
So we got up bright and early to catch the ferry out of St. Mary's.
If you've been reading for a while you know that Cumberland Island is one of our favorite places to go.
If not, you can see more posts here, here and here.
It's natural beauty is unmatched and you can only access it by boat.
 The water was really choppy and it it was still windy from Sandy, but the skies were sunny and beautiful and the high was in the upper 70s.
 This is what most of the interior of the island looks like.
It is heaven on earth in my opinion.
I could never tire of these live oak canopies draped in Spanish moss.
 This was our camping spot-it was so beautiful!
 Sand dunes and the Atlantic.
 Horseshoe crabs were everywhere!
I thought this particular one looked like Darth Vader.
This picture cracks me up-everyone is doing their own thing.
 We got bicycles and rode the day away.
 If I had a place like this to ride a bike every day I'd be much more motivated.
 I have to say how proud I am of Brandon's parents for hanging in there with us.
They rode 14 miles in one afternoon with us.
They had to catch the 4:30 ferry back to St. Mary's because they made arrangements to stay at a B&B instead of camping.
I know they were thanking the Lord above for that after that bike ride.
Wild horses roam freely throughout the island.
This live oak tree was massive!
This beauty is Plum Orchard.
Pictures do not do its grandeur justice.
This is my dream world.
This house and these trees are incredible together.
My townie under the moss.
I love the millwork on the house.
More to come...

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  1. I am so beyond jealous of these photos miss! You always take such great photos. Maybe someday I can take photos that good! I would be so very happy... I love those crabs I still remember the first time I held one was at the aquarium in Gberg. It looks like you all had a blast too bad we could not have traded places lol...


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