Cumberland Island: Part 2

The 7 mile bike ride back to Sea Camp Dock from Plum Orchard was less than relaxing because we were on a time crunch trying to get back in time for Brandon's parents to catch the ferry back to St. Mary's.
So, we took a short cut down the beach. Well, it wasn't really shorter, but we could get more speed on the packed sand.
We found some knobbed whelks along the way.
We made it back in plenty of time for them to catch the ferry.
Before heading back out to the beach we enjoyed the most delicious fresh oranges from the trees at our campsite.
Brandon of course loves this picture of me looking like a creep show squirrel eating my orange.
We monkeyed around on the live oaks.
I swear before I die I will have trees like this in my yard again.
Oh, and those of you who are Croc haters...eat it up!!
There isn't a better all in one shoe for all the shenanigans I get into.
They are skid and odor resistant, anti-microbial and you just spray them off to clean them up.
My happy place.
Sitting still, but only for a moment...
thinking about leaping...
and he jumps!
And that's what I love most and loathe most about him...he isn't afraid to make the jump, or of anything for that matter!
Beach bound on our bikes!
There is just something I love about my country boy turning his hat around backwards.
This is me in my element. Salt in my hair. Wind in my face. Sand on my feet.
I think I should've been a sea turtle.
Of course, I'm always on shell patrol, too!
Live conch!
The waves from Sandy were amazing!
Back at the campsite...
exhaustion quickly set in and we worked on our fire and supper.
See our raccoon box? Raccoons will get into everything, even your toiletries, so you have to put it all in these elevated cages with latches on the doors.
He is a pyro!
This is Brandon in his element.
He loves the great outdoors and camping.
He spent the entire week before our trip packing everything from steaks and pasta to charcoal and toilet paper and Calphalon cookware.
We even practiced pitching 2 different tents in our great room.
We also made trips to Bass Pro Shops and Academy Sports.
I was worn out before we even walked out the door of our house.
I wish I could've enjoyed my food more, but I was so tired I could barely hold my head up.
and you'll have to wait and see how we fared during the night!

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  1. I love the photos they are too funny not to enjoy them :)The food looks delish wanna share? Wait on second thought I dont know it depends on what it is that Brandon cooked up. & he came very prepared for camping I must say!


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