Christian Veterinary Mission

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Christian Veterinary Mission is an organization that is very near and dear to our hearts.
The organization was founded in 1976 by small town veterinarian and Ocilla, Georgia native, Dr. Leroy Dorminy.
I encourage you to read the History of CVM.
{We were priviledged enough to have Dr. Dorminy and his precious wife, Catherine, come and speak at Brandon's Kiwanis meeting last week. Dr. Dorminy is 89 and we thank God for every chance we get to visit with him. He has been an incredible mentor and example of what it means to live to serve others through Christ.}

"Christian Veterinary Mission seeks to help veterinarians serve others and live out their Christian faith through their profession. We seek to change lives and communities by improving the care of livestock and other animals. 
Every year, thousands of people around the world struggle to survive because they don't have the right knowledge, skills and resources to care for their animals.  CVM veterinarians live and work alongside these people to encourage them and provide them with not only much needed veterinary expertise, but also the hope that is only found in Christ.  As friends and encouragers, CVM veterinarians build lasting relationships with individuals and communities, helping them be transformed through Christ's love.  Christian veterinarians also serve through the profession here at home, demonstrating Christ's love in word and deed."
"CVM's mission is to challenge, empower, and facilitate veterinarians to serve others through their profession, living out their Christian faith.  CVM also provides education and encouragement for those who desire to minister through service, prayer, relationship building, and modeling Christ's love."
 I treasure these pictures of Brandon and Dr. Dorminy.
They are precious to my sight and soul.

I can't tell you enough about the positive impact CVM has had on us.
I'm not boasting in any way, but I want to give some examples.
My husband practices with a passion for not only veterinary medicine, but for Christ.
His desire is for his work to honor and glorify God. 
Even though he owns his practice, he knows that God really owns it and he works for Him.
He will spend countless hours ensuring that he is giving the best possible care at the highest quality he can provide while considering the cost for everyone regardless of background.
He loves animals more than you can imagine and treats each patient as if it were his own.
My husband prays with our clients over each and every animal that is on its way to Heaven and he makes a donation in each deceased pet's honor to CVM.
 Being on the other side of the door and listening to my husband sincerely pray over each and every pet that is on its way to Heaven is one of the sweetest yet most gut-wrenching things I've ever heard. I cry every. single. time. I know someday I'll have to be on the other side of the table and I'm thankful that my husband is my veterinarian. He is the best!
Brandon introducing Dr. Dorminy to the local Kiwanis club.
Dr. Dorminy sharing his testimony. It's a tear jerker!
We have had the honor of serving on 3 mission trips through CVM and we are thrilled that the Lord has called us to continue to do short-term missions work in our future.
Brandon was part of the UGA Christian Veterinary Fellowship group that initiated annual mission trips to the Navajo and Apache reservations in New Mexico and Arizona, respectively, back in 2007.
We are so pleased that the UGA CVF group has continued to lead trips to the reservations every year since.  
Here are just a few of the thousands of pictures we have from our trips.
On our trips we offer extremely low cost spays, neuters, vaccinations, and exams, while teaching about preventative care.
Because I'm not a veterinarian, I use other gifts, which includes giving free hair cuts while people wait for their pets.
This is our horse trailer that we pull all the way across the country each year with our banner on the back.

Looking at the pictures makes my heart ache to be back with those sweet people on the reservations.
CVM has hundreds of veterinarians serving in over 23 countries on both long and short term mission trips.
It all started back in 1975 when an African lady asked Dr. Dorminy to "Teach us so that we may do for ourselves."
God gave him the vision and what he needed to grant not only her, but thousands of others, that wish all while sharing the Gospel of Christ.
And to think we ever doubt Him...
"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." Eph. 3:20

Please visit CVM and consider donating to a wonderful cause: veterinary missions! 
We would also sincerely appreciate your prayers for the veterinarians and the people we are reaching out to that are involved in CVM. 


  1. 2 of my favorite things in one post - GOD and animals ;) I love this post!!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing organization and your involvement with us.
    I was truly moved as I scrolled through the photos, seeing smiling faces and God's hand in it.


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