Braves vs. Cardinals: Wildcard Game

Last Friday night was the first post-season game in MLB.
The Braves hosted the St. Louis Cardinals in the Wildcard game.
The event started off on the wrong foot when the 5:07p first pitch time was announced.
Seriously?! Have you ever tried to get to a major event in Atlanta at 5:00 on a Friday?! 
Atlanta traffic is terrible, so obviously we were late getting to the game.
We arrived after the 3rd inning and it was all downhill from there for the Braves.
We were there in time to watch a pretty sunset fall behind the stadium.
This was right after the officials made probably one of the worst calls in the history of any professional sport: an infield fly ball. 
As soon as the call was made the fans became furious.
That is trash and bottles falling from the sky, I'm embarrassed to say.
People began throwing things from all directions onto the field in disapproval of the call.
I admit the call was totally wrong, but throwing trash-really, people?! Get some class.
It was a good thing our seats were covered or else we may have had a beer bottle smashed over our heads and been drenched from all the drinks flying through the air.
At this point it's apparent that this is in fact the last MLB game Chipper Jones will ever play in.
Brandon discussing the poor play-calling with nearby fans.
Our last game of the season.
Kimbrel is our closer. He is amazing.
Chipper's very last at-bat.
He waved his helmet to all the fans to thank us.
I cried. Again.
I love you, Chipper. You will be missed!
Chipper broke his bat and made it to first.
The final score was 6-3.
The Braves nation had high hopes for going all the way for Chipper's last season, but it just wasn't in the cards.
To the rest of the team, we'll see you in April!

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