UGA vs. FL Atlantic

We didn't make it out to Missouri last week to see the Bulldogs take down Mizzou 41-20, but we watched it from our living room!
Hey Mizzou-welcome to the SEC!!
Our second home game was against Florida Atlantic.
The weather was in the mid-80s and perfect.
We had a very relaxing tailgate underneath the shade trees eating yummy food.
When the weather is nice we take our baby to the games.
Sanford loves to tailgate!
Brandon and his mom. He gets his good looks from her :). 
He definitely has her eyes, and everyone says he is the perfect mix of both of his grandfathers, and I generally agree.
But, something about this picture makes them look a lot alike to me.
Me and my baby!
His daddy got camera happy, so there are a few of us :).
Me and my mother-in-law.
I don't like that "in-law" generally has a negative connotation.
Maybe I should think of another way to put it.
Kisses for my Puggy baby!
He makes my heart full!
Brandon's parents!
We are so proud of them-they have been really working at eating healthier and losing weight and the results are noticeable!
Keep up the great work-it's worth it!
Sanford Stadium!
The ceremony for making Russ the official Uga IX.
Heading to his official Dawghouse.
The Dawgs win again 56-20!


  1. 1. I miss tailgating they so do not "get it" in the UK. And the most definitely don't get the way the SEC does tailgating.
    2. I'm a total die-hard Gator and it's killing me that I won't get to attend a game this year.
    3. Naturally I love this post because it reminds me of home and all of the glories of College Football.
    4. Go Dawgs, until you play us at the end of the month and then it's all about the Orange & Blue!

    Thanks for posting this gal :)

  2. Hello! Found you on the nesters 31 dayers page! And I'm glad I did! Looking around and you mentioned not loving the phrase "mother-in-law" I don't like it much either. It doesn't express the love between the families. For some of us,marriage isn't merely a legal thing its a love thing. And people who say you don't marry the family are wrong! At least for me :) My husbands parents and family are incredible (not the same for all I know) and for that reason, I and some friends choose to use Mother in love instead. His family is my family by choice and love. Not by law :-)


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