Summer Fun with the Kids

We feel so blessed to live just barely over an hour away from our Godsons, especially on occasions such as this when we get to spend quality time with them. 
We met them after church for lunch on Sunday afternoon and then brought Charlie home to spend the night with us.
Uncle Brandon working on his shooting skills. No, we are not fans of violence, but we are fans of hunting for meat. Bass Pro Shops has a hunting game for the Wii and it is so much fun! I especially love the bird shooting game.
He is getting so grown up! He started kindergarten this year and I spent all day praying for him. 
He is so smart and articulate, but I just had a hard time knowing he is officially in school now, which means he really is growing up.
I just love him to pieces!
He and Uncle Brandon had a big time playing in the yard with the dogs.
Later that evening, the kids I kept in Athens for 4 years got dropped off at our house to spend the week with us while their parents were out of town on business.
These kids have such a huge piece of my heart as I kept them since they were born. 
Charlie hadn't seen Lilly and Landon since we all lived in Athens 2 years ago, so this was quite the reunion!
They picked up right where they left off. 
It was so much fun watching them interact as children and not babies and toddlers.
They were telling jokes and cutting up and we kept getting so tickled listening to them and watching them.
Landon has grown so much!
Lilly started kindergarten this year, too. 
Where has the time gone?!
I have a picture of the kids as toddlers in their footie pajamas in Athens brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed together. 
So, it only seemed appropriate to capture the same picture 2 years later.
I love this picture! Charlie slept in my tank top and with Brandon's Lacoste alligator that he had when he was a little boy.
Getting all tucked in-reading bedtime stories and saying our prayers.
The next day we headed over toward Ellerslie, GA to take Charlie back home and to spend the night with the Carey's at their house.
The kids took a little nap on the way and this one was when we pulled in the driveway and they woke up.
This is our other precious Godson, Sam.
I know I'm biased, but is he not the most beautiful little guy?!
I could eat him with a spoon!
Yes, I said all of these same things the day he came into this world as I was there to love on him.
Lilly got to ride one of Meg's horses while we were visiting!
We went to watch Charlie at his karate class.
After that we went to family night at Chick-Fil-A and the kids played for a while there.

Charlie looks possessed for some reason in this picture, but that night we set up a huge fort in Charlie's room for the kids to "camp out" in for the night. 
We gave them flashlights and told spooky stories.
Then they got scared and we had to reassure them, but they had a blast!
The next night we got back home and I let Lilly and Landon take a bubble bath in our jacuzzi and bake cookies with me!
We ended up staying up until 11:30 watching the Lion King-I was impressed the kids stayed awake for the whole movie!
I know it was late, but I don't get to see them nearly as often as I would like, so I have to take full advantage of the time I get!
The next weekend the Carey's came back to visit and brought Charlie and Sam.
Phil and Brandon played golf while Meg and I took the boys to the pool.
Look at my little love munchkins!!
What a whirlwind of a week!
It was jam packed with activities from dawn til dusk.
The kids had a great time and the adults did, too.
By the time it was over we were all beat.
Seriously though, I thank God for each of these kids and these special moments I get to share with them.
I love them like they were my own.
We're going to make this a summer tradition, I think-a week at Aunt Cherish and Uncle Brandon's!

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  1. It seems as though you had a crazy busy week however it was filled with so much fun & love! I am glad you got to enjoy time with them all because I know to you they all hold a dear place in your heart :)


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