San Diego Part 7: Seaport Village, ATL Flight

We spent the last morning in San Diego walking around the bay in Seaport Village.
The village is really lovely and has so many cute shops.
I have 6 hibiscus plants at home so I'm always happy to see them when I travel, too.
Every morning there were several people out jogging and walking their dogs along these sidewalks lining the bay.
What a beautiful place to start a day!
Those two towers are the hotel that we stayed in. 
Last picture of Rebekah and Andrew in San Diego.
Last picture of us.
Goodbye West Coast!
Death Valley
Descending into las Vegas again for a brief layover.
The Grand Canyon from above-amazing! 
The Grand Canyon truly is incredible whether you're looking at it from the ground or from the air.
It was very late when we got back into Atlanta, and some of our friends insisted on going to the Varsity...
What a trip!!
San Diego is beautiful and so much fun.
It's definitely a place we would go back to in the future.
Next year the AVMA convention is in Chicago! 


  1. I used to live in Seaport Village -- best time of my life and is where my husband and I fell in love! Love me some downtown SD!!!

  2. So fun! Chicago is so close to us, we might need to arrange a meet up!! :)


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