San Diego, CA Part 2: Balboa Park, Zoo, Hard Rock Cafe

We began day 2 of our trip by going to the convention center and walking around the exhibit hall.
After that we loaded up and headed out to the famous San Diego Zoo!
Let me tell you what was a zoo-the parking, the roads, and Balboa Park in general.
I think we were all (except Brandon) so ticked off with the traffic situation that we were ready to just scratch the whole zoo idea and start over. 
But, we ended up parking a mile away in front of someone's house and walking. 
Rebekah and Andrew at the San Diego Zoo
We were starving by the time we got into the park, and apparently so was everyone else there.
The Zoo was so crowded!
I got a kid's meal, which came with these cute accessories :)
Our first animal stop was a the flamingos, which is one of my absolute favorites!
I even wore my flamingo print top!
The hippos were the cutest things to watch: a mama and her baby.
Me, back at the flamingo pond :)
Seals and Polar Bears
Fuzzy Koala Bear
We found someone who loves the Lord!!
He saw Brandon's Christian Veterinary Fellowship shirt and stopped us.
The man was so nice and confirmed our observations that the area-San Diego-seems to have a lack of religion in general. He told us there are many lost people there. Of all the driving around we did we could count on one hand the number of churches we saw.
Anyways, just interesting to see different cultures in different areas.
Andrew and Brandon watching the elephants
We admired the bougainvillaeas.
More big cats...
Brandon considering driving away in the safari cart...
The SD Zoo is famous for their Panda Bears.
I understand why now. They were so cute and fun to watch!
Sweet Uncle Brandon carrying a bag of gifts we bought for our Godsons at the Zoo.
Riding the gondola lift across the zoo at sunset-beautiful views of Balboa Park, San Diego and Mexico in the distance.
The SD Zoo really was incredible. 
Just be sure to wear good walking shoes and be prepared to fight the crowds!
Going to the zoo was worth it just to see my sweet husband in such childlike wonder and awe over every animal.
You can't imagine how many pictures he took of almost every single animal!
He is truly living out his calling by working with animals.
It was late and we were tired and hungry again by the time we got back to the hotel.
We freshened up and set out walking back to the Gaslamp to eat at Hard Rock Cafe.
If you know me you know I love Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks, so I was happy to see some of their belongings displayed.
Brandon ordered the Local Legendary burger, which varies depending on which Hard Rock you're eating at.
The bottom line was that loved it and he continued to talk about it after he was finished.
I had the Smokehouse Chop Salad without onions and it was amazing.
We also ordered a side of their mac and cheese with broccoli and mushrooms added-it was delicious!
That was our long, exhausting day, but so much fun!


  1. I've got to know what type of camera/lens you use! your pictures are always so great!!

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  3. What camera/lens do you use? Your pictures always turn out so clear & look great! I love the photos of the zoo! It is too adorable! I love all those cute little animals. I think the little kola bear is my favorite however the pandas are always cute too :)


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