San Diego, CA Part 1: Flights, Gaslamp

We had an absolute blast in San Diego at the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention!
We had a great flight out to California with one layover in Vegas.
Our only complaint was the seats were way too cramped for Brandon. Poor thing couldn't even put his tray down because his knees were at his chin.
I took this picture of Hoover Dam as we were flying over because I've never seen it in person.
I've been to the Southern rim of the Grand Canyon, but never to Las Vegas and the Northern rim.
We were shocked to see slot machines as soon as we stepped off the plane into the terminal!
We are not gamblers and have never had any desire to go to Vegas, so I guess we just never really thought about it.
We had less than an hour layover and we were starving so we ate some Mexican-it was really good, surprisingly!
Back on the plane and descending into San Diego!
These picture are of the views from our hotel room. It was really amazing!
We stayed at the Manchester Grand Hyatt on the bay.
We immediately changed into our swimsuits and headed down to the pool while we waited on some of our best friends, Andrew (a fellow Veterinarian) and Rebekah to arrive from Greenville, SC.
Let's talk about San Diego weather! 
It's always in the 70s-year round and it only rains an average of 15 days out of the year.
Crazy! It was so comfortable and a huge reprieve for these Southerners who had been used to 100 degree temps with 100% humidity!
Everything about this hotel was gorgeous!
Except some of the prices ;).
Andrew and Rebekah made it safely to San Diego, so we changed clothes and struck out to find somewhere delicious to eat as were were all starved from our long trip out.
We were staying near the Gaslamp Quarter, which is this really neat area of San Diego filed with lots of cool buildings, shops, and the best restaurants.
We ended up eating at this Italian restaurant: Panevino.
The food was so good!
Our appetizers were Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe -was so good, and Fritto Di Calamari e Gamberi.
I had the Ravioli Di Aragosta e Asparagi, which was a house made ravioli filled with lobster and ricotta. Out of this world!

The guys had Spigola Viareggina, which was a Sea Bass dish.

Rebekah had the Paccheri Alla Carbonara, which was a twist in a traditional Carbonara pasta dish.

After dinner we were so stuffed, but the guys-Brandon especially-wanted a chocolate fix.
He was literally like a kid in a candy shop!
He ordered a milkshake.
Then he got a brown paper bag and proceeded to fill it up with an assortment of individually wrapped Ghirardelli chocolates.
You know the system-you fill up the bag, weight it, then pay.
Let's just say that a month and a half later we still have some of the chocolate left in out house!
It is totally worth it to let him act like the big kid he is, though.
It's one of the things I love most about him.
Andrew enjoying his ice cream!
See, I was there!
The guys in serious conversation, apparently.
After we walked back to our hotel-and thank God it was a little walk because after all of that eating I thought I might pop-we were surprised to see a fireworks show on the water out of our room window.

What a day!
It seemed like an eon since we left Atlanta by the time we wrapped up the night.
Of course, we gained 3 hours and got completely thrown off schedule as far as eating and sleeping goes, but thankfully things like that don't affect my body too much.
Up next: the Zoo!


  1. I am so glad my City treat you well....The Gaslamp is on of my FAVORITE places to go here in San Diego. :)

    Those fireworks you actually saw were from Seaworld. :) Every evening around the same time they have a firework display and if you are near the bay at all, You can see them. I can see them from my house. I Love it. :)

    I love My San Diego - You were definitley here on the good weather moments..because we've also had 100 degree weather on and off this summer. haha. :)


  2. I am so glad you all had a great time. The pictures are amazing. Where do you find all your cute little dresses & outfits? They are always so dang cute... I want!


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