Happy 25th to My Sister!

We celebrated my sister's 25th Birthday at Maggiano's Little Italy.
Her birthday is September 14.
I am so proud of my sister and all that she has accomplished in her 25 years.
Most of you know she owns a hair salon: Structure Hair Studio in our hometown, Dahlonega. 
She is also an educator for Sexy Hair products.
She basically rocks and I love her to pieces.
Most people look at us and think we are like night and day, and if you look at our hair I guess that's true.
But, our roots couldn't be more identical.
We have different interests and tastes, but at the core we have the same sense of humor.
We take the words out of each other's mouths. 
We love that we grew up in the country, and more importantly, in the South.
We usually see eye to eye on things.
We believe in shooting straight and seeing the world. We believe in God. 
We believe in sticking together.
We both married young. She just celebrated 5 years and we just celebrated 6. 
That's how we roll down South!
The funny thing is, we often say that we married our sisters.
What I mean is that Brandon and Tiffany really are soul mates in a way.
They are so much alike it's scary. So, I feel like I'm married to my sister most days.
Brandon acts so completely ridiculous when he is with Tiffany, and I'm glad she can bring that out in him (as pictured above).
He takes the worst pictures whenever she's around. ;)
PS-Apparently Brandon still thinks it's June and we are somewhere on 30A. Gotta love him!
On the other hand, Brad and I have a lot of similar personality traits as well.
We are more reserved, observers, and are emotionally wired the same.
He keeps her grounded and she makes him use his wings.
Brandon and I work the same way.
If my sister were married to Brandon they would be hell-raisers. 
If Brad and I were married, we'd be boring. 
God knows what He is doing. He is the best match-maker, after all.
I think Mama enjoyed herself laughing with us and listening to Tiffany and Brandon.
We dined family style: crab cakes, stuffed mushrooms, and the chopped salad
crab and shrimp tropheo
salmon oscar
beef tenderloin medallions
crab and shrimp cannelloni
chocolate zuccotto cake
The Birthday Girl!
We're not sure why they wrote Congratulations on her plate, but whatever!
New York style cheesecake
Mama enjoying herself!
We are so thankful we live close enough to meet in the middle and celebrate!
Happy 25th Birthday, Tiffany!
We love you!

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  1. Awww Happy Birthday to your sister! Your family is adorable :)

    Ps. lovin' that necklace!


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