Dickey Peach Farm

While the kids were here I decided to take them to Dickey Peach Farms, which is the oldest peach packing house in the state of Georgia (since 1897), to watch firsthand the process of packing up peaches and to eat some homemade fresh peach ice cream.
This peach farm is located on the south end of the county we live in, Monroe County, in the community of Musella.
What a gem of a place to have in our area!
It's such a quaint and darling place to spend a little time.
You can shop for fresh produce, sit in a rocking chair, enjoy peach ice cream, or watch the peach packing process from start to finish.
Georgia peaches!
Coke in glass bottles-I don't do soft drinks, but if I did this is how I'd take mine.
My granddaddy ALWAYS had cokes in glass bottles at his house and I'd have one every now and then as a child.
It makes all the difference!
 There are so many varieties of peaches and depending on what time of the season is depends on which kinds are available.
The kids were absolutely fascinated by the packing process.
On the way there as we passed by all the peach trees planted in rows in the orchards I talked to them about how each peach must be picked off the trees, and then they are loaded into a truck and brought to the packing houses to be examined and packages in pretty boxes to be sent out to grocery stores and fruit stands for us to buy and eat.
I didn't think I'd ever get the kids to leave, which made this Southern girl very happy to see them take such interest in a key part of Georgia's agriculture.
Of course we bought plenty of peaches and homemade ice cream, too.
They each got their pictures made in the Georgia Peach, too.
We had a Peachy Day, for sure!
We love Dickey Farms!


  1. So fun! My friend Elise nannies Lily and Landon now!! Love them!

  2. This is one of the many reasons I should of been born and raised in the South. Sadly, We don't have things like this around here. I live in the smallest town in San Diego. (okay, outside of San Diego but its considered "the county of SD") and a lot of people don't know its even here. But nothing exciting is in our town...

    I almost went to Georgia for School, I should have so I can experiance these types of days!

    I am glad you had fun! :)

    -Ashlee Michelle

  3. Homemade ice cream is always the best! I go to the omish & buy our ice cream there :) I am glad they enjoyed the visit @ the packing place for some sweet Georgia Peaches :)I also loved the pictures!They all was so good...


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