Charleston, SC: Francis Marion, Hyman's

After the Beth Moore event was over on Saturday, my mama, my sister and I drove to downtown Charleston to stay at the Francis Marion hotel for a few more nights. 
Our room was really pretty and the hotel was just gorgeous.
My mama wanted to take pictures of us freshening up our make-up.
That what the mother of daughters does, I suppose.
These pictures were in the hotel lobby.
I love my sister and I'm so thankful we were able to come together and make this trip happen for our mama.
We walked down King Street to shop until the stores closed.
You know how much a love and appreciate Southern architecture and history, so these Charleston posts are loaded with many pictures of buildings and details.
Tiffany picked out a place she liked to eat when she lived in Charleston several years ago.
It's pretty famous, you made have heard of Hyman's.
We shared a combo platter that included jumbo lump crab cakes, shrimp and grits, sea scallops and shrimp.
As you can tell, I just happened to sit in the same place that Oprah Winfrey sat at when she dined here.
Mama and her birthday dessert.
More walking around Charleston next...


  1. Hyman's is so yummy! We go there every time we go to Charleston! I'm actually headed there this weekend, and I've been dreaming about Hyman's food for weeks! I also love Southern architecture, so I cannot wait to see your pictures!

  2. How fun! Sounds like a wonderful trip...Hyman's is my favorite too! Our college Dance Team went to SoCon and we decorated a plate for the wall. Tell me they still serve boiled peanuts! :)

    Glad you got to enjoy all the perks of Charleston!

  3. you always find the best places ever to eat at I swear! How do you do it girlie?


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