Beth Moore: Charleston, SC

Going to see Beth Moore in Charleston, SC has been a trip in the making since January.
It was like planning for a graduation: you keep on talking about it and building it up for months and months until it suddenly happens one day and it's over and you wonder where the time went.
Well, that's pretty much the story of my life.

My mom, my sister and I planned a girl's weekend for this trip to also celebrate my mama's 50th Birthday.
My aunt Sharon is the one who rallied the troops together from the get go, so she organized this trip for all the ladies of her church.
I organized the trip for my women's Bible study group out of Claxton, so we had between 50-75 people there between all the ladies we got to attend so that we could get reserved seats.
These pictures are totally unrelated to Beth Moore other than the fact that this is what I wore on the first night-you can tell I'm in a hotel bathroom, but the main thing was this was the first time used a hair wand!! My sister owns a fabulous hair salon, so she knows all of the latest and greatest trends and brands.
My sister and me.
My mama in her new skinny jeans that I got her for her birthday.
Nothing says welcome to 50 like a good pair of turquoise skinny jeans!
Beth Moore's message for this particular weekend was all about when your life just seems to be in a mess and what steps to take to get it back on track.
There were over 9,000 people in attendance!!!
Beth was her spunky and vivacious self!
This is my dearest friend from Claxton, Julianne.
She led our Beth Moore bible study on Breaking Free and she is also the most wonderful mother to two of the sweetest boys I've ever kept. 
I love this woman to death and I  miss her daily. 
This is Julianne and her precious mother, Mary Katherine.
Mary Katherine is also the most wonderful mother and grandmother you could ever know.
She truly has the heart of a servant, and I love that she goes to the gym almost every day, she hikes, she kayaks, she bicycles, and the list goes on. 
This woman lives a life that honors the Lord in just about every way, and I miss her, too.
This is me with Mrs. Denise and Meghan. 
Mrs. Denise is like a second mother to so many young people like Meghan and me.
She is one of those people that says exactly what's on her mind and she can always make you laugh.
She doesn't care what others think about her and she is her own person!
Meghan and her husband help lead the youth in a Methodist church, and they led our couples Bible study group in Claxton on Fireproof.
Meghan is beautiful and sweet, and she also did bootcamp and Zumba with  me.
I miss these two like crazy! 
There were so many other ladies there that I knew and I can't believe I didn't get pictures with them.
It really was like a madhouse in there.
Beth Moore was fantastic and we all had a great time in fellowship.
If you have the opportunity to go and see her you should go.
You will be blessed!

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  1. What an amazing opportunity! Glad y'all enjoyed it! Your mama's TX necklace is so cute!


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