Lately at the Clinic

Here are a few updates from the clinic:
I was in Publix a few weeks ago and had to do a triple take when I passed by the newspaper rack and saw my husband on the front page!!
In a fury, I snatched up a stack of them and quickly began to fumble through the pages when I came across this picture that took up a whole page:
Isn't it the cutest thing ever?! My man and my baby, Sanford, all over the newspaper!
There was also a really nice article that was written about us as well as another picture of the two of us with UGA football head coach, Mark Richt.
Wednesday August 1st was Chick-Fil-A appreciation day, so we also had staff appreciation day at our practice to support them. I waited for almost an hour to get this food, and I would have gladly waited another for it.
I hate it that this picture turned out blurry of the most important thing in it-a Pug puppy!!
It was the sweetest thing! I have Pug puppy fever again.
Isn't she a doll?!
A few months back we did a c-section on a dachshund and delivered 7 healthy puppies!
The clinic has been so busy and we've been doing a lot of updating there with paint and such.
Hopefully we can get it finished this fall and I can show y'all some pictures!


  1. She is such a cute little pug :) I can see why you have pug fever again! & I am glad the babies all turned out ok & so far are doing great :)


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