Creaming Corn and Canning Tomatoes

If you grow a garden, then you must preserve your harvest!
We've creamed corn-two of these box fulls.
After you've creamed and cooked the corn, I spoon some into quart size freezer bags.
One way to make it a little less messy is to put the bags down inside drinking glasses to stabilize them.
Don't forget to label and date them! I always write on the bags before I put the food in them.
I lay the bags flat on a baking sheet and put them in the freezer on it so that they freeze flat and if they happen to leak they will leak on the baking sheet and not all in your freezer.
I've also canned a few runs of tomatoes and tomato juice.
Thanks to my mother-in-law, making the tomato juice was made much simpler because she let me borrow her grinder attachment for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.
This process takes several hours and a lot of patience, so it's not something you want to do or try on the spur of the moment!
After I get all the tomatoes and juice in the jars, I process them in a water bath-which means I just sit the jars down in this really large black pot for about 30 min., or longer if it takes, until they seal.
A great resource for all food preservers-rookies and veterans alike-is the Ball Guide to Preserving.
I highly recommend it! It's filled with step by step instructions and many recipes.
It took me almost 5 hours to get 13 jars, so do the math!
It is totally worth it, though, and there is a sense of pride that comes with being self-sufficient in a world that is consumed with getting things done the quickest way possible without regard for the origin of the product.
It's true, I'm and old soul. I've always been and I guess I always will.
But, there is something about keeping a dying art alive that makes me feel a connection with my loved ones who taught me the old-fashion way of doing things that makes it all worth the time invested.


  1. Amen! We can pickles, string beans, and pickles. Never done corn before.

  2. I love helping my dad cream corn because we always do half & half :) Which means I get to bring some home! Huge plus...


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