North Georgia Hiking

For those of you who are new here, Brandon's older brother, Russell, lives in Vancouver, BC.
Unfortunately, we only get to see him once or twice a year-at Christmas and maybe during the summer.
He was able to fly home for the second week in July and Brandon took a few days off work so we could spend some quality time together.
He got to see our new home and our new practice for the very first time, which was very special to us.
Brandon and Russell love to hike, so we decided to all go together.
The first hike we did was to Blue Hole Falls.
The hike wasn't bad at all, but you still felt like you got a good workout afterward.
This is the first waterfall you see on the hike.
Russell and Brandon had to test the water, of course!
This is the second waterfall you see on the hike.
 Brandon and Russel climbed up so they could survey the best way to slide back down.
 Brandon looks like a mischievous little boy in these pictures.
Russell's turn-he was a lot more serious about his ride down.
 Blue Hole Falls was beautiful and definitely worth the hike down the mountain to see it!


  1. Please tell me Russell is single :)

  2. You & Brandon always find the places to eat & go to I swear :)


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