Happy 4th of July!

We spent the 4th at my aunt and uncle's house near Perry, GA swimming, eating, laughing, and being thankful for our country. 
My uncle is currently active in the military and is getting ready to be deployed again.
We have had a family member serve in almost every single war throughout history, so we are extra thankful for our armed forces and for our freedom.
 Cousins and Aunts
 Sarah and I were missing our sisters. Do not even ask about my swimsuit top. I jumped off the diving board and it apparently did a little flip flop and I wore it upside down and inside out for a good 30 minutes and no one said anything to me about it. So, in this picture, it is upside down and inside out and all sorts of messed up. Classic, Cherish, classic.
 My Aunt Sharon's pretty and yummy flag cake.
 I love this picture of Sarah. She probably won't appreciate this, but I think it's precious!
 We watched fireworks over Houston Lake.
 Courtney got the cutest little dog named Ryder.
I hope y'all had a fun and relaxing 4th with loved ones, too!

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  1. Hello great food & wonderful company. Cannot beat a great day like that! I always love seeing your pictures Cherish It always reminds me of Home which is Savannah :)BTW I see you all took pictures this year since last year you all did not get to because the camera did not have the memory card!


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