Santa Rosa Beach & Seaside, FL

We had been waiting with baited breath for our beach trip to 30A on Florida's Gulf Coast. 
It's just a short 4.5 hour drive from our house, and it's a good thing because it's our favorite place on earth.
We rented a house in Santa Rosa Beach near Topsail Hill Preserve and we absolutely loved it!
The annual Georgia Veterinary Medical Association Conference is always held at the Sandestin Resort, and that's where we've stayed every year, but this year we decided to stay on 30A. It was only 5 miles from the resort, yet it feels a world away.
It was around 9:30pm by the time we got there and we had been holding out for some oysters, so we went straight to Stinky's Fish Camp, which is only about 1/2 a mile from the house we rented.
We love Stinky's-they have awesome gumbo, too!
Excuse the iphone pictures!
Ahh, the beach!
My sister and her cute hubby at Seaside!
The 4 of us! We were so happy they were able to join us on our trip!
Our attempts at a kiss picture turned out to be a disaster...not sure what our deal is!
There we go...after a million tries.

There was a beautiful swamp in our neighborhood.
The pool-view was amazing!
One night Brandon made homemade crab cakes. I swear they are the best you've ever had!
He's such a cutie!
We love Stinky's so much we decided to go back. It was just so convenient to our house!
They had the best desserts ever-hands down!
This was a chocolate peanut butter pie.
This was a blackberry pie.
A twist on bread pudding-divine!
And key lime pie!
Back at the beach!
These houses were amazing! Absolutely gorgeous!
More to come...


  1. Jealous! It looks like you all had great company & tons of fun as wel as very yummy food to chow down on! & it's even better with all the seafood being so close to the ocean! Your little cabana is too cute I love it :) as always I love all your sweet posts!

  2. Stinky's is a must-do! We also love Cowgirl Kitchen and Another Broken Egg.

  3. That food looks amazing! And those pictures of y'all trying to take a kissing picture made me laugh, it reminded me of how hard of a time Jay and I have when it comes to taking a "serious" picture together!


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