Alys Beach, FL

We spent our last night on 30A having dinner and relaxing at Caliza at Alys Beach.
Words cannot describe the uniqueness and beauty of this little oasis.
We started out using our iphone cameras again. Big mistake. Plus, the kind gentleman who offered to take our picture was well on his way to being 3 sheets to the wind. 
There was a reason he got out of the back seat of that Escalade...
I am so apologetic for the grainy photos. I encourage you to click on the restaurant's link above to get a better idea.
Being at Caliza is like taking a little trip to Greece, I imagine.
I'm thinking Santorini.
The ambiance, the music, the details, everything is perfectly designed.
You dine poolside underneath the sky and all the while you are wondering if you've actually died and gone to heaven.
Seriously, everything is white and soft music plays while warm, light breezes filled with the scent of tropical flowers blow gently through the air. 
The food was really good-pricey, but it's to be expected with such a setting as this.
For dessert we shared a variety of chocolate crème brûlées.
After your meal you can relax in about a thousand different ways and places it seems.
There are several outdoor canopy beds like these...
indoor/outdoor gathering rooms complete with flat screen TVs mounted near the ceiling
hammocks linked from palm trees to a hitching post created just for them
more cabanas
and how could we forget these darling little leaf hammocks...
it was like rocking in a cradle.
It was a full moon and the night was clear.
I still can't get over this place when I look back at these pictures.
It truly is a dream world.
An incredibly intimate setting.
There are chaise lounges, pools and saunas.
We will definitely come here every time we vacation on 30A from now on!


  1. Oh my goodness, this place is just BEAUTIFUL. I am a little bit jealous this morning...just sayin'! :)

  2. Goodness that place is gorgeous! The pictures are great! I love the leaf hammock the most. Those was too cute! Glad you & Brandon enjoyed it :)

  3. wowwww .... that looks amazzzzzzzzing! glad y'all got to enjoy that! and the pictures aren't so bad. :) {did you know your post is dated june 7?}

    have a great day!


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