Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah

Recently my Mama came down to visit and we went to eat lunch at the famous Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room in Savannah. 
It's traditional Family/Southern Style dining. 
Think Dillard House (the way the food is arranged on the table) meets Blue Willow Inn (quality) meets Smith House (sitting at a table with perfect strangers).
It's always busy and it's only open during lunch. They don't take reservations, so plan accordingly!
The food is delicious and there is surely something for everyone. 
 Make sure y'all jot this down if you are coming to Savannah in hopes of eating here! 
Lunch only, Mon.-Fri., 11a-2p, $18 cash or check, NO cards...quite the list of regulations, but I promise it's worth it.
I know I seem to be wearing this top a lot, well, because I do. 
I love it. It's one of my favorites. 
Look at all of this yummy Southern food!
I rarely ever get on my soapbox here, but I just have to on this...
I told you all that you will likely be sitting at a table with perfect strangers unless you have a ton of people in your party and you can fill up one table.
Let me first say that I love being a local and getting to meet tourists here and there and telling them where to eat and what to do-giving the insider's scoop on the lowcountry.
Of all the people at our table, I initiated every conversation. 
I began by introducing myself and asking where everyone was visiting from and what their names were. After that, only one couple from Alberta, Canada engaged in further conversation.
Everyone else at the table happened to be from Michigan, and none of those couples knew each other before sitting at this table to eat.
I'm in no way placing judgement on every person from Michigan based on this particular experience, but I was seriously appalled at how rude they were. 
Apparently we have low taxes on cigarettes in Georgia compared to Michigan, because stocking up on cigarettes was the only topic of conversation they were interested in.
I'm not at all tolerant of smoking, and seriously, who comes to Savannah and obsesses over that?!
All I can do is pray that they don't move down here.
If you're going to visit somewhere, regardless of where it is, please be respectful, use manners, and be sociable to others, especially locals.
And to the lovely couple from Canada-originally from Australia, it was such a pleasure meeting you!
Ok, I'm off my soapbox now.
 Somehow Brandon managed to escape all of the pictures, but you can see his green sleeve waiting in the checkout line.
 We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying Savannah!
 The details of this city are intricate.
 I just loved this little gate. It made my smile.
Mrs. Wilkes' is definitely worth the wait if you are looking for some traditional Southern food in Savannah!


  1. So glad to see you back! :) Sorry about the rude people from MI! Living in IN we run into lots of people from MI-they aren't all like that!

  2. I'm SO glad that you're back to blogging, I've missed reading your blog.

    I'm so sad that you encountered so many rude people from Michigan (being from Michigan and all). I promise everyone isn't like that!

  3. Eek! I so wanna go eat there. I love southern food ;) glad you all had such a great time ;)


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