Braves Home Opener

On Friday April 13, we headed up to Atlanta for some tailgating with great friends and a night watching the Atlanta Braves in the 2012 season Home Opener against the Brewers.
 Me and my love!
 Britt and Brandon - best friends
 Brothers-Trent and Britt
 Brandon and Britt working the grill
 Our tailgate was rockin'!
 Then I changed shirts...I've had this Chipper shirt since I was in 3rd grade :)
With my Georgia Peach tervis tumbler :)
 Yes, I changed again...my sweet hubby bought us matching Chipper jerseys!
 With Kelby and Andrea-had so much fun catching up with them!
 Brian McCann hit a 3 run homer!
 Braves won!!
 After the game, Publix sponsored an amazing fireworks show and the Civil Wars played.
 Since Chipper is retiring after this year I hope the season goes very well for the Braves :)

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  1. I hope they have an amazing season too! My dad took me to my first ever MLB game in May when the Braves came to play the Rockies. We had amazing seats right behind 3rd base and I got to see Chipper hit a homerun in person - a dream come true for this Braves lovin' gal!


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