Forsythia Festival

The town we moved to is known for it's annual Forsythia festival hosted every March.
Of course we had to support the Cattlemen's Association and buy some beef since we are members!!
Every store and business had pretty yellow wreaths and ribbons with Forsythia flowers mixed in.
The First Baptist Church is just beautiful.
The FFA were out showing off their livestock and selling plants.
My mama came to the festival with us.
I don't know how it is in your state, but it seems like there are so many town festivals in Georgia. Spring and fall are the main festival seasons, but there is probably something like this going on every single weekend somewhere in our state.
I love it.


  1. That is just the prettiest town you are living in!

  2. Love it. When I lived in Georgia I realized how many festivals there were and I loved that. I'm hoping to move back to Georgia this fall as I loved it that much.

  3. What an adorable town!!! I never know when festivals are going on around here, but I always seem to accidentally find them when they're about to be over :(

  4. Your town is too cute! The festival looks like a lot of fun.


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