Cherry Blossom Festival

This weekend was the famous Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, GA.
My mama came into town and she and I went to see what it was all about.
The festival lasts for a whole week during which there are numerous events, concerts, and vendors.
It's supposed to be the "Pinkest Party on the Planet."
I'm not sure if it was that, but it was very pink!
My beautiful mama!
We had a wonderful time on a beautiful day, but we didn't find one single thing we wanted to buy.
I guess that's a good thing!
Here is a picture of our Cherry Blossom Festival wreath on our front door.


  1. Love the wreath! I like seeing all the cars with cherry blossoms painted on the windshields and back glass zooming around town.

  2. Love this, Cherish! Beautiful! Your shoes with the little flowers were perfect. :)


  3. I adore the wreath on your front door!


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