Banks's 4th Birthday

Banks turned 4 today, and I drove back down to Claxton for his birthday party. 
After spending my days with him for several months, I am missing this sweet little boy something awful!
His party was construction themed and the details were fabulous.
Of course it was St. Patrick's Day and everyone had on some green.
Toward the end of the party all of the kids decided to get in the pool-it was the cutest thing ever!
I was over the moon to get to see miss Polly Jane, too!
I think Bradley enjoyed opening all of Banks's gifts as quickly as possible-hilarious!
What a perfect and beautiful day for a birthday party in South Georgia!
So thankful I was able to be there and see those sweet faces again-I miss them to pieces!

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  1. How cute! I'm trying to convince my brother and sister-in-law to have a construction themed birthday party for my nephews 1st! My brother works in construction and I am going to after I graduate!


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