South Georgia BBQ

There are many barbecue restaurants, but a really good one is hard to find.
Fortunately for us, there are some good ones very close to us. 
The Rusty Pig in Glennville, GA is our favorite, which is located on HWY 301 South. 
 This is a pulled pork plate with Brunswick stew and mashed potatoes.
Their mashed potatoes are the bomb-loaded with sour cream, cream cheese and lots of yummy goodness!
Their brisket is out of this world, too!
 They have the cutest rustic decor inside the restaurant.
 Love the creativity of the lights!
 Have you ever heard of Brunswick Stew?
Brunswick Stew is a traditional Georgia dish that originated in Brunswick, GA, which is just about an hour southeast of us on the Georgia coast.
The stew has a tomato base with corn and pulled pork, as well as other vegetables or meat depending on where you get it. 
It also has a very distinct smoky flavor.

If you can't get to Rusty's, then Henry's in Claxton isn't too bad, either. 
Excuse the poor photo quality-phone pics!
 Harry's is located just west of downtown Claxton off HWY 280.
 rustic decor...
Luke Bryan loves it and has eaten there, too. 
He came back to town recently for the Farm Tour, which we went to.
 chopped BBQ sandwich with sweet potato fries
 Brunswick Stew...had never had it with ground beef in it...not the best idea
 pulled pork plate with sweet potato fries...and a "shut my mouth"
I know, that was an awful play on Alabama's Song of the South, but his mouth was obviously full.
And, I know the song says sweet potato pie...but fries sounded good, too...okay, moving right along...
So there you have it friends, some good ole South Georgia barbecue restaurant recommendations!
 Both have great barbecue.
The Rusty Pig has the best Brunswick stew and atmosphere.
Their fried pickles and mashed potatoes are awesome, too.
Harry's has good sweet potato fries.
 Try them both and see what you think!


  1. Yum! I was craving some good old BBQ myself yesterday and had to go to a local spot for the good stuff. I love love LOVE brunswick stew, and surprisingly it is one of the healthiest items on a bbq menu too so I never feel bad order a big ole side of it. In fact, I'm eating my leftover stew over a baked potato for lunch too - SUPER YUMM.

  2. There is nothing like good ol' Georgia bbq and Brunswick stew. Everytime I go back to Georgia I throw my healthy eating out the window, and it's all because of this! Thanks for reminding me of some of the things I love about Georgia. Now I'm ready to go back!

  3. I've heard about both of those places but have never been! My hubby loves him some BBQ so I'm sure he's been to them before :)

    Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

  4. We used to love to eat at Harry's. They used to have stuffed potatoes with bbq inside and the best chewy cake ever for sale at the counter!! It still looks the same inside, too. Oh how I miss my childhood :)

  5. I love good barbecue!! Thanks for the suggestions--those lights at the Rusty Pig are really cool and creative!


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