Practice Closing Day

We are officially small business owners!!
Our closing for the practice was today in Athens, so we celebrated by having sushi at our favorite sushi place, Shokitini. 
I'm so proud of my husband! He has been working his tail off the past few months trying to make all of this happen, and I am just thrilled for him. His hard work is paying off and the Lord is answering our prayers!
I am worn out and emotionally drained. 
Don't I look worn out? Please don't answer that.
Here's to new beginnings!
Glory be to God!
None of this has really sunken in yet...I wonder how long it will take.
I feel like this is just a dream.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :) if GA weren't such a drive we would come see you guys for our Louie!

  2. How exciting!!! Congrats!!!!

  3. Oh How Exciting is that!! :) Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear about all the great things this new journy will bring you!


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