Moving Days

 Our move started out at the beginning of February in Athens by cleaning out our storage unit.
I am appalled at all of the junk that was stored in there.
I'm even more appalled that I was paying to store it. Ouch.
But, in my defense, I had virtually zero time to go through everything before it was packed in there.
Brandon's dad and Papa were generous enough to come and help and as well as trade out vehicles so we would have a trailer and a truck that could pull the said trailer as we made our move.

We used that same trailer and made a total of 3 trips back and forth with it loaded down.
February 25th was our big moving day-our last day in Daisy.
It was a sunny and beautiful day in South Georgia.
It was very bittersweet.
The veterinarian Brandon worked for came and helped us load a few final things, brought us lunch, and gave us his blessing.
We were so thankful for that time and for his generosity.
Needless to say, I got emotional again.
Why can't I get a better grasp on change and saying goodbye?
I am horrible at goodbyes.
The dogs had to ride in the trailer, and I felt bad for them because they had no idea their life on the farm in Daisy was coming to an end.
Everything looked so vacant and barren when we left. It was really sad.
Here are some pictures of the house after we moved all of our belongings out.
Everything that is in the house was there when we moved in.
I will say that we left it much cleaner and in much better condition than we found it in.
The upstairs bedroom/loft area.
Coming down the stairs.
View of breakfast room and kitchen.
View of dining room and living room.
Downstairs bedroom.
View of the property.
Front of the house.
Closing up the trailer.
Leaving for the last time.
The worst part about moving is that you usually have to drive separately.
Even though we moved just over 2 hours away it still seemed like an eternity to be driving and crying alone.
But, they were good tears I suppose.
Everything has happened so fast that I haven't had any time to process things at all.
And there's been a lot of breath-holding around here as every single thing had to fall into place to make this work.
Goodbye Spring Hollow Farm.
Goodbye sandy driveway.
Goodbye flat farmland.
Goodbye Daisy.
I want to thank someone very special to me: Mrs. Lynn Lewis.
I'm not sure if she knows it, but she was my saving grace in Daisy.
She encouraged me to "Bloom Where I Am Planted" and she exemplifies what it means to live a content life in grace.
She was very much like an angel to me, and I am forever grateful to her.
She helped me embrace my new community and shared her home and her delicious recipes with me.
I love her and I miss her.
Thank you, Mrs. Lynn, for everything.

And, thank you Daisy, Georgia.
You helped me grow in strength, contentment, faith and simplicity.
I will always hold a special place in my heart for you.
I miss your farms, your cotton, your live oaks and pecan trees, your wide open spaces and sunsets.
You have a part of my soul and I hope you never give it back.
I love you and I thank you.


  1. Moving is hard. Not only is it hard physical labor, but it is sad to leave a place that you grew to love...even though you are moving on to another house it's tough. I totally understand being emotional and I don't think you are the only person with these feelings toward change and moving. I'm so glad you had help in packing, loading and unloading too-what a blessing!

  2. Moving is always hard. When we moved in November it was only 20 minutes from the old house. But it was sad - so many memories were made in that house; it was where I fell in love with The Husband and he proposed. I cried the very last time we were in the house but I am so much happier where we are now. Change is good though not always easy.

  3. I know that must have been hard to leave!

    We're moving to a new house but in the same town and I'm already getting emotional about leaving our first home that we've shared since we've been married!

  4. Moving is hard, goodbyes are hard, no matter what goodbye it may be good,sad, or both! I always feel that once goodbyes are said it means goodbye forever so I am the sissy that always says see you soon because it lets me think I can always go back & see what once was or even be able to see someone again! Crazy maybe but I guess that is just my weird way of goodbyes! I am gonna miss all your pictures & life in Daisy but I know you will have tons of new ones in your new town :) I cannot wait!


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