Last Day with the Kids

If I could use one word to sum up this day it would be, you guessed it, emotional.
*Please excuse the pictures. We had all been crying a little that day. I cried a lot.
You know, I've had to do this before.
Some would think it would surely get easier.
After all, they are not my children.
Oh, but it does not get easier. 
They may not be my children, but God chose me to care for them for a time in their lives and I do not take that calling lightly.
It takes a lot to entrust someone else with the care of your children day in and day out.
So, I've always tried to make sure that the parents of the children that I have kept know that I will love and care for their children as if they are my own, only having their very best interest at heart. 
Having the opportunity to work for two families in Claxton was such a blessing to me.
God knew all of our needs, and His timing is perfect. He proves it over and over again.
Juggling their busy schedules was well worth all of the memories we made.
Yet again, my heart has grown in size as I have loved on these four precious children.
I pray they will remember me and just how much I love them and treasure the time I had with them.
Parker and Polly
Parker: You were a challenge from the beginning, which I welcomed. 
I could see your heart and I knew if I could just break through we could make it all work.
Thank God we broke through. 
My heart melted as you grew to trust me. I knew if I just kept on hugging you when you acted like you didn't want me to, you'd eventually come around. 
And you did.
I'll never forget the first time you came up to me and hugged me on your own, and told me you were going to miss me over the weekend and that you were afraid I wouldn't come back.
You didn't know it, but I cried all the way home in thankfulness.
I appreciate you confiding in me and sharing your ups and downs of each day.
You are so smart  and funny, and so athletic and I want you to know that I love you and I'm proud of you.
I will always be here for you.
You are video games and sports.
You are the ace of spelling tests and I miss helping you with your homework.
You are peanuts in a Coca-Cola.
You are Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Polly: Unlike your brother, you immediately bonded to me like glue.
You were the icing on my cupcake and the skip in my step.
The sound of your belly laughter still rings in my head from time to time and I get teary-eyed when I hear it. Also, I loved hearing you say, "You're the best babysitter ever and I love you!"
That made my cup overflow.
You love all things girly and fun, and you loved to play in my makeup, fix my hair, and paint our nails.
Needless to say, we are two peas in a pod.
You are sensitive, yet you are the star of the show.
You are the queen of candy, a dancer and a cheerleader.
You are coloring books, jewelry and baby dolls.
I miss your sweet kisses and hugs.
I miss those sweet cheeks.
I pray that God would give me a daughter like you someday.

To you both: I miss taking you to dance and ball practice and games.
I miss our cuddle times and tickle fights.
I miss our dance offs and taking you to Bernie's after school for a snack.
I miss laughing and singing country music together in the car.
I miss the Claxton's. And Tag, the dog.
Bradley and Banks
Bradley: You have the sweetest spirit and the happiest disposition.
You learned to do so many new things on your own during Kindergarten and I enjoyed watching you grow.
You gained more self-confidence socially, academically and athletically.
You also grew in your knowledge and understanding of Jesus.
I am so proud of you.
I miss seeing your smiling face and your dimples as you got in the car after school every day.
I miss experiencing your pureness of heart.
You are Transformers and Funniest Home Videos.
You are becoming more independent and wanting to pick out your own clothes and shoes.
You made my heart skip a beat when you said you wanted to be a Veterinarian when you grow up. I'm sure you will change your mind a thousand times between now and then, but it made me feel good inside.

You were the sunshine at the start of each day for me.
I so cherished our time during the day while the "big kids" we in school.
You kept me on my toes and you taught me something new every single day.
I learned about construction equipment, hunting, sports, video games, logging, building and any other thing that "all boy" little boys like to do.
I miss those long eyelashes as you drifted off to sleep at naptime everyday.
I miss hearing you read Easy Street to me. "Spread it out like jam on bread..."
You are the toughest little man I have ever met, yet you have the sweetest heart.
I miss seeing you in all of your many outfits of the day.
I miss your little arms wrapped around my legs to give me hugs and how you would sometimes give me kisses on my arms. So cute!
Whenever I get still and it's quiet, if I close my eyes, I can hear you say, "What do you want to do now, Miss Cherish?" in your thickest Southern accent.
And then, as expected, I smile and get a little teary-eyed.

To you both:
I miss watching you grow in your love for and knowledge of God and Jesus.
I miss your pleasant attitudes and hearing what you have to say.
And don't tell your daddy, but seeing as how I haven't been aggravated by Georgia Tech fans since we moved, I actually sometimes miss it-only from the Hearn's, though. ;)
I miss the Hearn's.
To you all:
I hope you know just how deep and wide my love for each one of you truly is.
I pray that you will always keep me involved in your lives.
I pray that you would each come to know Jesus as your personal Savior.
I miss each of you and pray for you each and every day.
I miss seeing you in your darling school uniforms in the parent pick-up line every day. 
My car rides are so much quieter now, which means I think of how y'all loved to roll all the windows down and hang out of them on the way home from school.
With your seat belts on, of course!
I miss seeing you at church and I miss all of the fun times we shared.
I miss my South Georgia babies!!
I love each of you more than you'll ever know.
I am always here for you no matter where we are or what we're doing.
Each of you will always have a piece of my heart.
I also miss your parents and your families (you, too, Nanny!), and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me with your care and sharing you.
I am eternally grateful. You've blessed me beyond imagination.
I miss fruitcake country!

I have a fun list of little ones I've had the honor, priviledge and blessing of keeping over the years:
Lilly and Landon (Athens)
Parker and Polly (Claxton)
Bradley and Banks (Claxton)
Charlie and Sam (Athens, now Columbus-also our Godsons)


  1. This made me tear up, this is so sweet and heartfelt! I'm sure those children feel just as blessed to have had you in their lives!

  2. Before I began to read this I think I needed a huge box of tissues beside me to catch all my tears! my heart breaks for you because I know how attached you was to those kids! especially since you always had them so much! They will always love you as you will them I am sure of it! & if nothing else hopefully you get tons of updated pictures & stuff to make the transaction of not having them any longer a bit easier :) They was some pretty lucky kids to have you!


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