Gators Out in February

It's been so warm here in South Georgia this winter that the alligators are already coming out and it's the beginning of February.
We went fishing Sunday afternoon and had a decent amount of company in the water. 
 You can tell by looking at the clouds that it was a windy day, which isn't exactly the best kind of weather for catching fish, but it was more about getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.
 Can you find him/her?
 Then I spotted Big Mama...and begged Brandon to pull the boat closer.
 I think she's beautiful.
I'm not 100% certain she is a female, but I'm willing to bet she is protecting her nest of eggs somewhere over on that bank.
Call me crazy, but I love alligators! We had one living in our pond and it never hurt a thing. 
But, I don't really want one this big in the back yard!


  1. Whoa! :) We used to see Gators all the time with my Dad when he would go fishing in the St. Johns, too. It is always exciting when you see them, I agree! Have you ever gone Gator hunting? I went once...not quite my cup of tea!

  2. I love seeing gators too while being out on the water...but only when I'm IN the boat!

  3. There is only two times I can remember seeing gators & that was either at a zoo or on a airboat ride down in the bayou of new Orleans that's it! Those teeth scare me I am so afraid that all they wanna do is eat me alive so yes Cherish I may call you a little crazy for loving them so!


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