Forsyth Park in January

The Sunday following my birthday we spent the day at Forsyth Park in Savannah with our dogs. 
Forsyth Park is a mecca for us locals as it is one of the most beautiful parks in the world, in my humble opinion. People are laying on blankets, studying, playing any sport you can think of, playing instruments, playing with their dogs and kids, and basically just communing. 
It's a wonderful experience!
This monument is in remembrance of the Confederate dead...it's a beautiful work of art.
Forsyth Park is home to the most famous and most recognized fountain in Savannah.
Bayla and Beauregard were happy to be with us!
Sanford was content, too. :)
Puppy kisses!
Of course, the dogs were most excited about Frisbee time!
I think we live in heaven...
For supper we went to eat at Vinnie Van Go Go's in City Market.
They have delicious homemade pizza and they allow you to bring your dogs. 
I highly recommend this pizza place if you're coming to Savannah-just know they only accept cash!
Sanford was cold, so I put my puffy vest on him. :)
I love weekends and days spent with the ones I love the most!


  1. Wow the puppies have gotten so big! That park looks beautiful! All your posts really make me want to travel to GA! :)

  2. Those parks are so pretty! Looks like y'all had a wonderful time!

  3. What a great way to spend a day! My hubby and I went to Savannah for our honeymoon and last big "hurrah" before our daughter and the park has such special memories for me. I LOVED seeing your photos and reminiscing. We hope to move south in the next few years and this reminded me why. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Beautiful! I love Forsyth Park and Vinnie Van Go Go's...yum!

  5. Beautiful pictures as always! I can't wait for some warmer weather in IN so we can enjoy the outdoors with Louie! Also that pizza looks delicious!

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! And I love Vinnie Van Go Go's! Beyond delish!

  7. Just wanted to check in on you, hope you are doing okay! :)


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