Farm Life Friday: Harvesting Carrots

If I had to guess I'd guess that most people have no idea that Southeast Georgia dirt is great for growing carrots. 
The same area of the state that grows the famous Vidalia Onions is also sacred ground for carrots. 
They like the cooler winter weather down here, so by mid February they are ready to be harvested.
Here are some scenes from the farm lately:
 This harvester pulls the carrots out of the ground and cuts off the green tops, then shoots the carrots into the back of a truck. It's really fun to watch, in my southernfarmgirl opinion.
 You can see the rows that have been harvested and the rows that have not.
 Since we are close to Ft. Stewart, farmers use old army trucks around the parts to do the hauling.
 You have to be careful if you get behind one of these going down the road because those carrots do fly off the top of the mound an onto the road.
 The aftermath: not all carrots make it into the machine.
 The farmers work until there is no more sunlight.
 These last 2 pictures have nothing to do with the carrot farm. It's a different farm I pass by every day about a half a mile down the road. 
I think it's beautiful.
Look up Burma Farms in Claxton, GA...and when you're at the grocery store look for their produce!


  1. How fun! I did not know carrots were grown in GA, so interesting! Also, the last two pictures are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I did not know that was when carrots was harvested. & I learned a lot of new things because I did not know they wAs grown in GA


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