Farewell to Our Clinic Staff

We wanted to do something special for the girls at the clinic-something to show our appreciation to them for all of their hard work during our time at BCAH.
We decided to take them out to lunch at Longhorn's today, which is our half day, so that we wouldn't be rushed and we could just spend some quality time together. 
I searched high and low for the perfect gift for each of them, but something kept drawing me back to one of my tried and true favorites...flowers to be planted. Perennials.
I love to give something that blooms year after year as a sweet reminder of a friendship or event. 
I hope these flowers made it for my sweet friends.
To Jessie, Hope and Melony: we treasure each one of you for your own unique gifts and talents.
You made the work days enjoyable and things run smoothly as much as you possibly could.
We want you each to know just how much we appreciate you and all that you contributed to BCAH.
Seeing your smiling faces everyday was a breath of fresh air to us as well as the clients.
More than coworkers, we are honored to call you our friends.
We shared so many things and we just "got" each other.
I love each of you so much and I wish we could take you with us.
You truly are irreplaceable.
Jessie: we pray that God would bless you as you continue your work at BCAH. You have such a sweet spirit and you are so patient with the clients and pets.
Hope: we pray God would bless you as you welcome your new baby boy in to the world and as you embark on your journey as a mother. You and Ronnie are going to be wonderful parents.
Melony: we pray that God would bless you, Bobby and Allen as you move your family to South Carolina-away from the only life you've ever known. I admire your strength and dedication to the Lord and your family during the toughest of times. Your positive outlook is an inspiration to all.
Morgan(not pictured): we pray God would bless you and Jonathan as you start your new life as a married couple in Colorado. We admire your willingness to make such a big move and make your own paths. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication at BCAH.
Emily(not pictured): we pray God would bless you and Jonas as you continue your married lives serving in the military. We admire your strength to to keep going when your husband is serving our country thousands of miles across the ocean. We are forever grateful for our Armed Forces. Thank you for your willingness to volunteer your time at BCAH. We so appreciate all of your hard work and felt so blessed to get to know you.

Even though many of us have moved away from one another, we still love each of you and consider you family. You are always welcome at our home no matter where we are.
We will always hold a special place in our hearts fro BCAH.
We loved our staff, our clients, our patients and our time there.
Thank you for all of the wonderful memories.


  1. How Wonderful and Thoughtful! :)

  2. sweet girl could you get any sweeter? You have such the kindness, biggest heart that I know! That was very sweet & thoughtful for you to do that for them & I am sure they are beyond blessed by it :)


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