On January 27th I celebrated my twenty-sixth birthday.
I actually had the day off work, which was a huge surprise and a blessing as I spent the day catching up on things left untended to. 
That night Brandon came home from work and cooked a delicious supper for us, then he surprised me with a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to me all by himself.
It was really special and I was really impressed! 
 On Saturday we spent the day in Savannah celebrating.
The weather all week was in the upper 70s, which means this was one of the best birthdays I've ever had!
It has snowed on my birthday many, many times, but it has never been this beautiful!
We went to one of our favorite Savannah spots, Leopold's, for a quick bite to eat.
We shared a shrimp salad sandwich that was delicious! I highly recommend it!
For dessert we shared a double scoop-Brandon picked out rum cake flavor while I picked dark chocolate raspberry ice cream.
After lunch we walked around and went into my favorite store, the Paris Market!
My big birthday present was the pair of silver Jack Rogers Navajo sandals!!!! I have been wanting a pair for SO long and I was so surprised to get them. I am in love with them! A huge thanks to my hubby and his parents!
We finally found a nice young couple to take our picture together! :)
Just another beautiful day in Savannah!
Twenty-six hasn't been so bad so far. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I do not like the idea of getting older one bit. In my mind I'm stuck at age 22. Crossing over from 25 to 26 means I'm getting closer to 30. Like I mentioned, I'm ridiculous.
We ended the day by eating at the Olde Pink House...more on that in the next post! :)


  1. Your cake is adorable! And I love your shirt!

  2. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! Looks like the perfect day--I absolutely LOVE your top!

  3. Happy 26th Birthday to you! Looks like you had a wonderful time celebrating! Savannah is so great, when I was there we went to Leopold's, the Paris Market, and the Olde Pink House and we loved them all! I also love that shirt you're wearing, so cute! xoxo

  4. i love that you and your husband enjoy eating... :) I love to eat and its always nice to hear of good spots to eat around the world. ya never know!

    happy birthday girl. And you are so beautiful. When you are in your thirties nobody will even believe it :)


  5. Happy late Birthday! I love that top you are wearing- so beautiful! And oh my goodness, last time I was in Savannah we went to the Paris Market and I fell in love! The frozen hot chocolate and unique items are amazing. I am so jealous you get to live there. It is definitely one of my favorite cities. So glad you had a wonderful birthday :)

  6. Happy Late Birthday! Your pictures are so beautiful, as are you! As always, I love your clothes! :) So Sweet of the hubs to surprise you with a cake and sing happy birthday to you! Hope 26 is an amazing year!

  7. Cherish,
    I am right there with you...I hate the fact that I am getting older and fight it tooth and nail...I too just turned 26 in Dec. and I feel like a grandma already

  8. Happy birthday a little late! :) Seems like you had a great day!

  9. Again, happy birthday! 26 is creeping up on me in a few short months. I love those sandals. Maybe I can convince Justin to get me some too!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday sweet girl! I hope you had the best day yet!

    ps. I love your top!

  11. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a great time, it seemed like a beautiful. We are exactly a month apart. I will be 26 on February 27th

  12. Happy late birthday, pretty lady!!

  13. How Fun! :)
    It makes me excited for my next birthday, 22, but not until June! I still have 5 months away..but I already know how I want my birthday to go. Maybe it will all change by then! ha!

    Glad you had a wonderful day, It looks like it was a gorgeous, warm, and perfect day!

    Happy Birthday!

    -Ashlee Michelle

  14. Happy birthday, pretty girl! I hope all your wishes came true!

  15. Happy {belated} birthday girl!

    Looks like you had a wonderful and beautiful birthday!

  16. Happy belated birthday! That shirt is gorgeous!

  17. Happy Belated birthday sweet girl! Looks like you enjoyed it to the fullest. I loved the cake super cute!


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