Photoshoot for Christmas Card

We had 2 photo shoots for our Christmas card:
one on Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island and one in a cotton field.

I used a lot of the cotton ones in the header.
 These made the cut for the final Christmas card:
the inside:
the back:
I wish we could have sent you all one, but our pockets are nowhere near that deep :)
I love getting Christmas cards and I'm always excited to see the designs people select each year.


  1. I LOVE your Christmas Card and all the pictures. You guys are so cute together and photogenic! Have you ever modeled!?

  2. Your photos are beautiful - I ADORE the ones in the cotton fields. Y'all look like Barbie + Ken!!! (Bet you've never heard that before....)

  3. I adore these photos! Y'all are just the cutest couple. The cotton idea is perfect for Georgia!!!

  4. Girl, you guys should be in a magazine. Seriously beautiful! Love them all!


  5. I LOVE your Christmas card! All of the pictures are gorgeous!

    P.S. You're so pretty! I love the pictures of you at the beach!

  6. I loved the Christmas cards that you & Brandon sent out. They were so adorable & cute :) I dont think I could have picked just one bc I loved them all :)

  7. What beautiful pictures & beautiful people!! I might have to take my family to that beach just to get pictures with that driftwood...it's awesome!!!

  8. Y'all should model! I especially love the black and white cotton field pics! I also love the picture of y'all with the pups!


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