Happy New Year!

Leaving home from our Christmas adventures wasn't so bad because my sister and her husband as well as my Mama all came back down to South Georgia with us to ring in the New Year on the coast.
To be honest, I was ready to get back down here to the sunshine and warm weather. 
Being with family in North Georgia was wonderful, but the weather was not.
I love the sun and the heat!

Every year at Christmas, my Mama really out does herself with gift-giving.
My sister and I always feel bad about her giving us so much, so this year we finally convinced her to just do something for us instead.
She agreed, only if we'd let her take us horseback riding on the beach.
Sounded like the perfect plan to us!!
 So, we celebrated New Year's Eve at the beach riding horses.
There is no other way I would have rather spent the day.
The weather was sunny, beautiful, just absolutely perfect!
I was really impressed that Mama did so well on the horse considering how many years it had been since she'd ridden one.
Tiffany and Brad loved it, too!
Brandon on a horse-you better watch out!
After our ride we went down to driftwood beach to soak up some sun and take pictures.
LOVE this one of my sister and her husband!
The 4 of us!
This is where Brandon starts acting like himself...
I think what made observing this so funny was the fact that he was wearing cowboy boots-like dressy ostrich pointed toe boots, not his typical round toe Justin boots.
 Alas, he made it to the top!
 He looked like a bird in a nest.
 Quite proud of himself!
I told him that if he fell off not to expect me to do anything to help him because I'd be rolling in the sand laughing.

with our Mama
 My boots...Brandon got these for me when I graduated from UGA and I just adore them.
 After we left Jekyll, we went to St. Simons Island to shop and eat.
We had strawberry cake and coconut cake at the 4th of May-they have the best cakes ever!
 The best part about the islands is that you can't even tell it's winter.
Everything is green and lush, just the way I like it!
 the Hwy 17 bridge between Brunswick and Jekyll.
Serenity at its finest!
 Goodbye 2011.
You were a good year overall, but you were a tough year, too.
2011 was a year of painful growth in many ways, but looking back I am thankful.
As a Christian, I also know that just because I've gone through some troubling times doesn't mean that I am exempt for a while.
The Bible tells us trouble is coming.
I feel like I can better handle that trouble after this year.
I am looking forward to 2012!
I've got a feeling it's going to be great!
Happy New Year from Georgia's coast, y'all!!
I pray blessings upon blessings to you and yours this year!


  1. Pretty pictures girl! Glad y'all had so much fun :)

    St. Simons is one of my favorite places!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! I bet the horse backriding was a blast!!! Your shirt is adorable!

  3. Cherish your pictures always turn out so amazing! How on earth do you do it?


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