Holiday Hike

Every year during Christmas break Brandon and his brother, Russell, go on a hike with their aunt and uncles, which I think is a wonderful and special tradition. 
This year I got up early to drive them to their drop-off location, which was near Springer Mountain near the Nimblewill community of Lumpkin county, which is where I grew up.
They did a 9 mile hike to Amicalola Falls on the Appalachian Trail.
Brandon has a goal of hiking the entire AT by doing sections at a time. 
Beauregard was great on the trail from what everyone said!
Aunt Joy, Brandon, Uncle Randall, Russell, Uncle Kelly, and John.
The official start of the AT!
It looks like they had a great time! I picked them up at Amicalola Falls later that afternoon and we all enjoyed a late lunch together.
I'm all for hiking; however, not in the cold weather!
My blood is too thin.

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  1. What fun! My husband and his friends have hiked every part of the AT in Georgia, many parts a few times over. I've seen many of those same pictures, only with my husband and his friends instead. It looks like a great time! =)


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