UGA vs. Auburn...War Eagle?

I think all of us Dawg fans were a little surprised by the outcome of the oldest rivalry in the South this year.
Okay, we were a little more than surprised. We thought the game would be much closer.
Unfortunately for Auburn, they just really didn't even show up.
Athens is a beautiful place, especially in the fall.
I love this photo sequence of our players bursting through the "G" banner!
I was thrilled to get to see my cousin, Anna at the game! 
If you've been around this blog awhile you know about her.
She is at the very top of her senior class in high school, scored a few points shy of perfect on her SAT, has already completed 48 hours worth of college credits, and aspires to be a doctor.
Back in August she came a stayed with us and did an internship with Brandon.
She has already been accepted to Auburn, LSU and Mississippi State.
As of Friday, November 18, she was officially accepted to the University of Georgia as an early applicant. 
We are beyond proud of her and are so excited to watch her journey as we know God has big plans for this young lady. 
We will support her no matter where she chooses to go, but we hope she chooses UGA.
Prayers and student section celebration!
My handsome love and me!


  1. I would agree go Dawgs... Can't get much better :)I hope you & Brandon have had a great Thanksgiving with family & friends :)

  2. Love the Dawgs.. So proud of them this year. I believe I have that same top! haha


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