Thankful & Blessed

I hope each of you had a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.
I hope you spent the holiday with your closest family and friends, and if you are like us and circumstances didn't permit, I hope the Lord kept you company instead of loneliness.
Brandon had to take on-call this year over Thanksgiving, so we spent our holiday with each other and our furbabies.
It was very strange to spend Thanksgiving without family.
I feel so blessed that I've always had family to spend holidays with.
I am also thankful my husband has a job.
At the last minute, well on Wednesday, I decided we should still make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.
I went to the local grocery store and picked up some things I would need to prepare the meal.
Brandon roasted our turkey-Cajun style-and it was so good! it was one of the best turkeys I've ever had.
He pulls the turkey, just like he does barbecue pork.
Our table setting was nothing fancy, just simple.
I also made baked macaroni and cheese, green bean casserole and fresh cranberry sauce.
We had plenty of leftovers and are still eating on it!
Sanford wanted some turkey so badly! 
We do not allow begging and for him to stand with his paws on the chair like this, but he just looked so cute that I had to take his picture before I got on to him.
We basically just spent the day relaxing.
We watched some football and Brandon went hunting.

I want to thank each and every one of you who emailed and called me to check in since I have been so behind on blogging.
I am so thankful for you-my friends.
The past month has been a blessing in that I've had a lot of work-I've been away from the house for 12-14 hours a day almost every day, so needless to say I am behind on life.
The down side to this working all the time is that I am behind.
Getting behind makes me stressed and emotional, so I'm trying to get some sort of schedule so that I can somehow get everything done, but so far I have not been successful.
I know there are so many of you who can work all day and still keep it together.
I admire you. I truly do.
I can not. God did not create me to do that.
I came to terms with that a long time ago. My calling is really to be a housewife, but we desperately need some additional income, so I am stepping up to the plate.
Being married to a veterinarian is a full time job in and of itself.
Well, at least a mixed animal veterinarian who runs a solo doctor practice-that's a full time job.
You can only imagine the laundry, the hours, the calls and the patients.
The pressure of being responsible for something's life all day everyday can wear on a person.
There is no doubt that Brandon loves what he does. He is passionate about it.
But leaving work at work is impossible.
All that to say, after caring for 4 children during the day/afternoon/evenings and being the wife of a veterinarian, I am finding myself spread thin these days.
I love what I do, but I am constantly focusing on what other people need from me, so I'm also trying to take care of myself physically and spiritually.
I go to Zumba classes 4 days a week and I go to Bible study 2 days a week.
Those are the 2 things I do for myself. That's it.
They are my saving graces right now.
If I had a house keeper and someone to do my laundry things would be a breeze.
I've been a horrible friend and relative over the past few months.
I can't count how many phone calls I need to make to people I love and care about.
I just can't find the time.
When you don't live near any of your friends and family you could really spend 30 min. to an hour on the phone every single day and by the time you speak to everyone you realize a month has passed by and it's time to start back at the beginning of the list again.
You can see how this can wear on a person.
Again, I need balance!
I know this is a season and it will pass.
Still, I am thankful for all of these things.

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."  Philippians 4:6


  1. @ least you & Brandon got to spend Thanksgiving together as husband & wife even if you could not be with family & friends :) I hope things calm down soon for you & that you are able to figure out how to balance it all as a whole I know it takes time for it all though.... good luck hunny!

  2. I'm sorry you weren't able to be with family over Thanksgiving...however, it looks like you ate pretty good and it looked delicious!

    I know it's hard to balance and I'm sure you'll be able to find some time! You really should do things for yourself, it's so good for the soul! It's hard to find the time. Praying for you!

  3. I'm pretty new to your blog and haven't commented before. But, when you said that "God did not create me to do that" it really hit home with me. I always feel like there's certain things that I should be able to do without getting stressed out because other people seem to be able to do them, and you couldn't have put it better. I really never thought about it that way before and I'm so glad that I read this post.

    I've also always wanted to tell you how much I love all the great pictures you post of the Georgia games. Since moving from Kennesaw, GA to Virginia awhile ago, I haven't been able to make it to any of the games and it's so great to look at the pictures and hear about your trips to the games.

    I hope things calm down soon for you and you're able to relax a little.

  4. Glad y'all had a nice Thanksgiving :)

    I get SO stressed teaching an hour away, coming home, wanting to relax but also wanting to get things done around the house :( I get super stressed and anxious! I'll have to remember that verse to help calm my nerves!

  5. I'm sorry you weren't able to spend time with your family on Thanksgiving, but it looks like you and Brandon had a wonderful meal, anyway!

    I am so sorry you've been so stressed lately! I'm glad that you're still doing some things for yourself, though! I hope you find a balance between all of things you have to do everyday--I'll be thinking about you!

  6. I am so sorry that you were not able to spend Thanksgiving with your family. But from the looks of things, y'all made a wonderful dinner.

    I 100% totally know how you feel. My husband is in Marketing and Advertising. We are constantly having dinners with clients, and his employees. We both feel that I should be a housewife, but the money I make at work is great. And it is a blessing that we can have two incomes coming in. That bible verse is one of my favorites. When I feel like I am going to break I just turn to the Lord and read that. It helps so much.

    You are in my prayers!


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