St. Marys, GA

We've spent some time at St. Marys and St. Simons Island the past few weekends.
I love each of them for both their uniqueness as well as their similarities.
While both are located on the water, St. Marys is more of a quaint fishing village.
It's like a well-kept secret. It feels like home.
St. Marys is the southernmost coastal town in Georgia, and it's the town from which the Cumberland Island ferry leaves.
 All of the local businesses had scarecrows set up in the median of the downtown boulevard to advertise.
They were all so clever and detailed-so cute!
You won't find much commercial entertainment here, but you will find history, culture and beauty.
Last year we spent some time here and toured Orange Hall Plantation.
If you are ever traveling between Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL, you should plan on stopping and spending a few hours or more at St. Marys.
You'll be refreshed by the laid back atmosphere and the step back in time.


  1. All your travels and photos makes me want to do a really long visit to GA! So fun!

  2. My roommate/best friend is from St. Mary's! :)

  3. That park in downtown St. Mary's is where my husband and I took our engagment pictures when we were there for my dad's retirement =) Love it -- so cute!

  4. Hey Lady! I've missed seeing your post! I came over today to stalk out your old blogs on St Simons because I'm heading down in July and remembered you'd posted on it before! I hope you're doing well! Seeing these photos is making me so exciting to head South again!


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