Cumberland Island: The Plantations

(Please bear with as I am trying to catch up!)

Plantation homes on an island = my dream.
It has been my dream for as long as I can remember.
This is what I think Heaven will look like for me. 
There are three plantations on Cumberland, one of which is unfortunately in ruins.
This absolutely kills my soul! 
Someone needs to find a way to rebuild it back to its former grandeur.
It's called Dungeness and it's located on the Southernmost point of the island.

Plum Orchard is another plantation located on the Northern end of the island.
It is a Greek Revival and is alive and well, I am happy to report.
The house is only open for tours on the second and fourth Sundays, so if you want to see it you may want to plan accordingly.
The house is stunning. It's my dream:
a perfect picture of a white princess with giant live oaks and magnolias draped in Spanish moss standing guard.
Be still my heart.
 There are two of these Tiffany lamps hanging int he billiards room. They were custom designed for this house and made to look like turtle shells. If I remember correctly, they are valued at over $500,000 each because they are custom and signed.
 I thought this fireplace design was unique.
 I love Butler's pantries, and this one is incredible.
 This is the indoor swimming pool. It is 10 feet deep. Incredible, isn't it?
 views from the inside looking out
the doorbell
 the sink in the Butler's pantry
 The grounds are immaculate and the views are spectacular.

The last plantation house is located in the middle of the island and is the Greyfield Inn.
It's quite an expensive place to stay, but I've heard fabulous things about it.

Here's an interesting piece of information from the NPS website:
Did You Know?
On March 25, 1818 General Henry “Light Horse Harry” Lee III, the father of General Robert E. Lee, died at "Dungeness", owned then by Nathaniel Greene’s daughter Louisa. Gen. Lee was buried in the same little cemetery as Louisa's mother, Catherine, but in 1913 his remains were moved to Lexington, VA.
**We have been to both of these burial sites.  The one in VA is actually at Washington & Lee University*

Needless to say our trip to Cumberland was fabulous!! 
If you are close by you need to go!!


  1. Isn't this also where JFK, Jr got married? The photos are so amazing, now I want to go even more!

  2. I love love love plantations homes! they are so amazing & I love every little thing bout them :) The veiws from those are amazing! I am glad you & Brandon enjoyed them :)

  3. Great pictures. I would love to visit there someday. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think i just died and went to heaven! Plantation houses are my dream. oh lord my heart is beating fast and I am in love <3
    --Thanks for sharing these with us! I would love to see them one day

  5. Beautiful pictures! I've GOT to get the hubby to take me back to Cumberland Island!

  6. It looks so pretty there! I've never been, but I'm adding it to my travel list! And, now I NEED a butler's pantry. Haha.


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