There's No Place Like Rocky Top

Though kickoff was at 7pm, we made our way into Neyland Stadium an hour early just to take it all in.
Our seats were great-way underneath the overhang in the lower level.
They would be perfect if it were raining or really hot outside. 
It was a sold out game with 102,455 seats filled-the third largest stadium in the country.
And loud-I'm talking about real LOUD!
One of my favorite things about UT games is that the announcer still prays before each and every game over the loud speakers.
It's not a scripted prayer, but an earnest and gracious prayer to God thanking Him for bringing everyone safely to the game, asking for protection of each and every player and traveling mercies for everyone, praying for our nation and our leaders, and so much more...all in the name of Jesus.
I've never been to Neyland Stadium and not cried in response to such powerful prayers.
It gets me every. single. time. 
Do your universities pray before games?
I am embarrassed to say that the University of Georgia does not.
The UT Band also plays a fabulous rendition of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," and that gets me every time, too. Talk about giving you chills.
I really do love him.
Neyland from the inside
Pride of the Southland marching band ready to go.

Coming back after halftime-the first half was a great game: tied at 6-6 and virtually no penalties. 
It all went downhill from there in the penalties department and overall for Tennessee.
 I always love seeing the players, coaches, and staff come together in the center of the field after the game in prayer.
The Dawgs won 20-12.
 It cooled off just enough that I changed my outfit about halfway through the third quarter.
My Mamaw got me and Brandon each a Tennessee shirt, so I wanted to wear mine for her.
Brandon is going to wear his, too...just not sure when.
But, Mamaw and Papaw told him he had to. I agreed.
 Even though the Vols lost I was still happy just being back at Rocky Top.
 Underneath the big screen. We were sitting underneath it, so we couldn't see it during the game, but we did have televisions hanging down to watch the replays on and to keep up with other scores.
Neyland, I can't wait to be back in your walls again!


  1. Wow! I had no clue how huge the UT stadium was, makes Ole Miss look so tiny!
    And I love that they pray before games, that's something I wish more teams would do!

  2. You got such great photos! I've always thought the prayers at the games were so well done, too!

  3. As if I wasn't in love with your boots already...this post put me over the top. I totally need these for fall/winter!

  4. Love your dress and boots!

    You always have the best pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

    I'm so happy I came across your blog! :)

  5. Love that they pray. Sad that we don't!

  6. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love going to UT Games!!! That stadium is super awesome! You two make a gorgeous couple!!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  7. you should let me know the next time you come! i live in knoxville.. 10 minutes from neyland :)

  8. I love that they pray before the games! It's always nice to hear something like that :)

  9. I was so at this game as well :) I could have not have missed it for nothing. It was two of my favorite teams against one another... I however did not take tons of pictures I was to involved in the game to care about pictures lol... Maybe next yr I will do better :) It is always nice to have season tickets like I do to all the UT games just extra nice when two of my teams verse one another becuase then it is always a win win ;) Glad you and Brandon had a great time...


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