Tennessee Traditions

The weather was gorgeous, I mean perfect, then entire time we were in Knoxville.
My grandparents said they ordered it just for us! 
We went out to campus just after lunchtime on Saturday to soak up the Tennessee football traditions.
I love the Sunsphere!
 Our first stop was the Volunteer Landing alongside the Tennessee River.
We parked in a deck on a hill across the street, so we took the suspension bridge over to the riverside.
 The infamous Calhoun's on the River from the bridge.
 Neyland Drive
 Tailgaters at Calhoun's
 The Vol Navy...the boats are unreal! There were dozens and dozens of party boats docked all along the edge of the river. It's just fabulous!
Me and my love on the 7th anniversary of our meeting!! 
The stadium, what's left of the Henley Street Bridge, and the Vol Navy from the bridge.
 Riverwalk of Fame...Pat Summitt!
 The riverwalk is beautiful-a great place to relax or to exercise!
 more Vol Navy
Boat Divided
 Speaking of being divided...we both agreed that year after year we see more UGA-UT divided couples than any other rivalry at the games. 
It wasn't just couples. It was friends and families. 
That makes for a wonderful atmosphere.
Everyone is so friendly and just wants to have a good time. 
I love that about Tennessee-they are friendly and hospitable.
I know there are always some bad apples, and maybe we just always get lucky, but we only witness pleasant exchanges between the fans.

 the yacht club
 I love this because you can still see the original Neyland Stadium underneath it all.
some of the gates going into the stadium
 General Neyland
 the Vol Walk
 Head Coach Derek Dooley
 He is one sharp man-reminds me of Tom Cruise sometimes.
 high-fiving the players
 I admit, I got a little starstruck when quarterback, Tyler Bray, reached his hand out and shook mine!
He was SO tall-probably 6'7".
 Yes sir! UT is known for having die hard fans.
 Brandon with the UGA equipment truck.
The cheerleaders getting ready to go into the stadium.
 Super Dawg!
 More scenes of tailgating on the mighty hill.
 My Tennessee cookies :)
This is embarrassing...the UGA band showed up wearing this...they didn't even march at halftime, which is probably a good thing because they can't even form a straight line.
They need to get someone else to be in charge of the Redcoats!!
Sorry about the picture overload, but I know my family is going to want to see them! 
I'll have to do another post on the game itself!
Basically, if you ever get the chance to go to a game in Knoxville, you need to go!!


  1. Gameday in Knoxville looks so fun! I love that you wear your orange when GA plays TN, so cute!
    And that QB? What a cutie! ha!

  2. LOVE all your pictures!!!!!! LOVE! I didn't even know about the Riverwalk of Fame! Time for me to get home to a game!

  3. I love reading other people's tailgate posts ... I'm always curious to know what it's like at other schools! Nice! :)

  4. This might be a crazy question, but what is Calhouns??
    I loved seeing all your pictures!! That QB is a real cutie!! :)

  5. Ooooh I LOVE seeing all that Orange in your post!! My blood bleeds orange. Game day in Knoxville is my favorite day of the week in the fall. I got season tickets this year, and it's been a blast, even though the game Saturday was so disappointing! I'm so bummed Tyler is out for 4-6 weeks- missing our biggest games of the season!
    If only I had known you were coming- it looks like we were right behind you for the Vol Walk.
    Go Vols!!

  6. Can you believe that I've never been to Tennessee? The pictures of the riverwalk are so gorgeous! And I agree, the UT coach is very, very attractive!

  7. I love seeing all the tailgating pictures. Looks like so much fun. Super cute dress, as usual :)

  8. Oh, this is eerie. I attend UTK. I had no idea you knew Knoxville. Small world! It looks like you all had a blast. :D

  9. Call me silly, but is one of the photos of your Hubby (from behind) carrying your handbag? If it is I LOVE IT! I always try to sneak pictures of my second half doing sweet/embarrassing things for me. :)

  10. It looks like you had a GREAT time! I love college football games and I can only imagine what it's like in Knoxville. We have only been to MSU games and it's such a great day and the atmosphere is amazing...it's something I think everyone should experience

  11. Looks like you had fun!! And I love that Brandon was holding your vera bag! LOL


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