Hot Springs, NC and Cherokee Dam

On our way up to Knoxville we took a detour through Hot Springs, North Carolina, which is such a quaint and beautiful little mountain town off US Hwy 25.
Brandon really wanted to be there long enough to do at least a short hike, but unfortunately that didn't happen.
But, we did get to rent one of the hot tubs that pumps out the fresh hot mineral water from the springs, which was fabulous!
 You can rent the tubs an hour at a time at the Hot Springs Resort and Spa, pictured above.
 Our view form the tub. By the way, the tubs have privacy walls and roofs that are actually quite nice.
You can change clothes and everything in privacy.
 Within 5 minutes Brandon decided to take a little walk down to the creek below us to check it out. Then he laid down in the ice cold water. I was not surprised.
 The French Broad River
We made it into Knoxville by 9pm on Thursday, and still needed to eat supper.
I let Brandon choose. He chose Waffle House.
I can't stand WaHo, and this visit didn't do anything to change my mind.
It confirmed to me why I have only eaten there a handful of times in my life. Yuck.
So needless to say, I went to bed a little hungry.
But, the one good thing I can say about it is they they had UT magnets on the fridge.
 Friday afternoon when we were out driving around the countryside we stopped at the Cherokee Dam near Jefferson City, TN.
 Even though the lake was very low you could still tell that it is a very deep lake and the water was such a pretty shade of blue.
On Friday evening my Mamaw had the extended family over to eat supper.
She spent all day cooking cabbage rolls, which is a Hungarian dish that my Great Mamaw, who was full Hungarian, always made for our family.
It had been years since I had them and it was Brandon's first time ever having them.
They were even better than I remembered. 
 I'm sure most people think it sounds gross, but I don't care. 
When I eat them I can just picture and hear my Great Mamaw as she talked while she cooked.
We also had silver queen corn and mashed potatoes on the side.
 I didn't get many pictures of the family because we were too busy eating and catching up.
We did walk over to my cousins house to look at the chicken coop they built. 
It was really neat and they get fresh eggs every day.
 Back at Mamaw and Papaw's, my cousin, Kurstin and Brandon picked up right where they left off the last time we were up there. They played and played and played together.
This is Pooch. She is the sweetest dog ever.
Papaw didn't know what to make of Sanford in his UGA suit sitting in his tailgate chair.
It was pretty funny. 
A big thanks to Papaw and Mamaw for taking such good care of Sanford while we were at the game.
Sanford just loves Papaw.
 We also got to eat at another one of our favorite restaurants-one that is no where near where we live...Abuelo's. It's some of the best Mexican food on the planet!


  1. Oh my goodness! I've got to go to the hot springs place!

  2. I love it all! What a fun, relaxing time!


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