Horseback Riding on Jekyll Island

Brandon had to work until noon on Saturday, but he wasn't on call this weekend.
So, per usual, we decided to get out and enjoy the benefits of coastal Georgia living.
We headed down to Jekyll Island for some horseback riding.
We have been wanting to do this for so long, and the fall and spring are the best times to do anything if you live on the coast because the massive amounts of tourists have died down, plus the weather is absolutely perfect. While the bugs are still out, they aren't nearly as vicious when it's a tad cooler.
We were the only people scheduled to go on the 4:30pm ride, which was fabulous.
Our guide was a nut-super funny and her family has been on the island since the Indians inhabited it.
Riding horses has always been therapeutic for me, but riding them on the beach is soul moving. 
Brandon's horse's name was Spirit, and mine was Apache. 

We highly recommend riding horses on the beach!! It was so relaxing and rejuvenating! 
Since we are experienced animal people, the guide let us do some trotting on the beach-what a rush!!
I can't wait to go again!


  1. You take such great pictures! My friend's son got married there. Looks really pretty.

  2. That first picture of the two of you on the horses? Christmas card. And frame worthy. So pretty.
    Looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend!

  3. How much fun!!!
    Love the pictures!

  4. I am so jealous of this little adventure! It looks like the two of your had an amazing time and the pictures are perfect!

  5. I can truly say I am jealous! I go horseback riding all the time in the field or in trails & I love my horses however I must be honest I have never rode one on the beach. I bet my sweet babies would love that however I bet they would wanna go in the water all mine love water like crazy. Such sweet pictures of you & Brandon! Glad you both were able to enjoy it :) Have a great week sweet girl!

  6. beautiful photos!
    a quick question for you...
    i have had the target riding boots bookmarked for weeks now and saw where you own a pair. how are they holding up?..are they a good pair of boots? do they fit true to size? etc.
    thank you so much! i enjoy reading your blog!
    -katelyn from sc

  7. This sounds amazing! Great pictures, Cherish! So glad you guys had such a great weekend. :)


  8. I've always wanted to ride on the beach! Love all the pictures :)

  9. Absolutely breath-taking! So awesome that it's so nearby for you! I used to be afraid of horses as a child, but I kinda wish I knew how to ride/had some horses now. :)

  10. very nice photos!Riding on the beach is something wonderful.

  11. Beautiful! I just love riding horses. My sister has never done it so I can't wait to maybe go next weekend in the North Georgia mountains


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