Heading Back South

Leaving Knoxville is always bittersweet.
I hate goodbyes. I am horrible at them. I always get choked up.
But, the drive is beautiful and I knew we had a lot to see.
Plus, I love being in the car for a long trip when it's just Brandon and me.
Sometimes we ride in silence for hours. Sometimes we argue-just being real here.
But most of the time it's a place where we share our hopes and dreams.
We assess where we are in life right now, and we pray for our future.
But, saying goodbye to family is still hard.
I love my Mamaw and Papaw.
In case you are wondering, I was holding catnip in my hands.
My Mamaw sent it for our cats.
 I can't wait to see them again!
We took a detour through Sevierville, which probably wasn't the best idea considering ws sat in traffic for 1 hour and a half.
I've always loved this hotel, and they had it decorated beautifully for fall.
I love the architecture...Greek Revival.
Once we got off the main highway, we saw what we drove that particular way for: beautiful farms, the Great Smoky Mountains, and gorgeous fall color.
The drive on I-40 between Knoxville and Asheville is absolutely gorgeous. It's breathtaking. So much so that you don't even realize you're on an interstate.

 I love these two!


  1. such beautiful pictures! don't you love fall! you look gorg as always!

  2. I agree with you - road trips are some good times to reconnect! Love your photos, makes me miss TN so much!

  3. Beautiful! I hate leaving family, too. I don't cry until after I've pulled away and then it flows.

  4. Wow its beautiful in Knoxville. You take such good pictures! Love the one of you and your parents. do you have alot of pictures around your house? do you print out all the pictures you take? Just wondering.

  5. Your car rides sound just like mine and my husband's!! Dreams, to-do lists, arguments...you aren't alone! :)

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  7. Gorgeous pictures! I love long drives in the Fall... I feel so much more aware of our great God!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous! Hey, I know Asheville!! One of the awesome things about NC - mtns one way, and beach the other. PS - Love those jeans too! Where'd you get em?

  9. LOL Ryan and I do the same thing when we're in the car for long periods of time. Or I annoy him with my singing, non stop talking.

    Your pictures are really making me miss the fall!

  10. Your pictures are so great, and puppy is adorable!

  11. Love your pictures :)

    I have that same top and I just love it!

  12. Such sweet pictures as always... I am sure you enjoyed every single moment that you were able to spend with your family... its always a bitter sweet moment when we have to leave the ones we love....@ least you all had a good visit :)

  13. Absolutely gorgeous...wow! Those fall views are stunning! Definitely worth a little bit longer drive!

  14. You are so pretty! And the views along your drive are just gorgeous! Those views are definitely worth the long drive!

  15. beautiful pictures! I always have trouble saying goodbye! Even knowing I'll see them soon

  16. What beautiful pictures! And I'm like you, I love being in the car for long amounts of time with Phillip! We do all the things you do (including an occassional arguement) but it's so nice to just share conversation with him in no hurry!


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