Farm Life Friday: Tennessee Style

My grandparents live on a beautiful farm in East Knoxville, which is the more rural side of town.
They have some beautiful horses and when I'm there it just feels like home.
I have so many memories of learning to ride horses here, running around on the farm with all of my cousins, and lots of laughter with our huge family. 
I spent many weekends and weeks here during the summers growing up. 
It still looks the same. It still smells the same. 
It's funny how I've always been homesick for a place I never actually lived.
But, I get homesick for Knoxville quite often.
Homesick for the memories, the family, and the love. 
Scenes of familiarity. Scenes of Branch Lane.
I love that this paint horse has two different color eyes.
Of course if Brandon's around the horses' teeth will get checked.
Papaw's barn and tractor
 On Friday we spent the afternoon just driving around. We went to New Market and Jefferson City.
We saw some really beautiful farms up there, just like this one:
The land is just beautiful up there-rolling hills with views of the Great Smoky Mountains in the distance.
I love the flat land of South Georgia where we live, but I love this kind of land, too.


  1. Beautiful, Cherish! Absolutely love it! :)


  2. Beautiful pictures! I just love the one of the long road :)

  3. I like the pictures of the horses ! Did you ride one ? And Sanford is so sweet ,on the picture when he is running and his tongue comes out,so sweeeet....and now I can see your new boots,very chic !

    Greetings Esther

  4. our worlds are so different. You can see animals like horses and cows at anytime. And there aren't huge building in your landscape view. I love the peace that comes from all these pictures :).

    You are gorgeous by the way! Glad you got to visit and had a great time! Love the pictures.


  5. I love your farm life pictures as always...So good & amazing... Looks like you & Brandon had such a good visit while down here :)

  6. It's gorgeous there! Love the pictures & your hair is beautiful :D


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